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Here’s What Happened Today: Friday
Commissioner “very very satisfied” no members of the gardaí spied on GSOC
Here’s What Happened Today: Thursday
Shatter asks GSOC to clarify 'surveillance' comments
Shatter rules out independent GSOC inquiry
'Am I satisfied that no organ of the State put GSOC under surveillance? Yes I am'
Oireachtas committee has “grave concerns” about issues raised by GSOC
Dáil hears alleged conversation: 'If Shatter thinks you're screwing him, you're finished'
GSOC prepares to face panel, as commissioner says breach can't be ruled out
Here’s What Happened Today: Tuesday
Garda Ombudsman in 'state of heightened awareness' over Boylan inquiry
GSOC chairman’s position is ‘not in question’, and he won’t be retiring
Suggestion gardaí involved in GSOC surveillance was 'baseless innuendo'
Government accused of 'frenzy' against GSOC over alleged bugging
“I don’t know what ‘anomalies’ are” — Howlin on GSOC findings
GSOC confirms ‘electronic anomalies’ found, and regrets not disclosing it
Taoiseach: Details of bugging controversy should be made available for ‘public analysis’
Shatter urged to comment on report of bugging at Garda Ombudsman office
Column: Shatter's focus is on whistleblowers themselves, rather than their allegations
Garda Ombudsman to investigate Shell 'booze bribes' allegations
Garda Ombudsman fines off-duty garda over collision
Gardaí did not cooperate with watchdog investigation...again
Six gardaí convicted of crimes last year - Garda Ombudsman
Final report on Corrib 'rape tape' inquiry to be published tomorrow
Garda Ombudsman to investigate sex abuse complaints