# Great Irish Sell Off

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Ulster Bank sells off nearly 4,000 of its customers in massive family home loan book sale
Bill which aims to force banks to ask for permission before selling mortgages to vulture funds passes in the Dáil
PTSB transfers thousands more of its customers to vulture fund servicer
No vulture fund or bank has ever been sanctioned for breaching the code of conduct
Harris on PTSB home loan sale: 'It's time to see a bit of humility from our banks'
Minister concedes homeowners who engaged with PTSB may not have deals honoured
'Many have made no payments at all for years': PTSB defends controversial €3.7 billion mortgage sell off
'It's not fair': Fianna Fáil poised to block PTSB loan sale to 'unregulated' vulture funds
'You're throwing people to the vulture funds': Government criticised for taking no action to halt PTSB loan sale
'Farmers are at their wit's end': Losing your land, home and income at the hands of vulture funds
'Out of the blue, we got a letter to say our loans had been sold to a vulture fund'