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'Completely misjudged' or necessary investment? Private companies offer mortgage-to-rent scheme
Government announces 800 additional SNAs in schools for next term
Children's rights groups angry at Dáil vote setting digital age of consent at 16 (they wanted it to be 13)
Sean Canney quits the Independent Alliance
Government approves plans to give 14,000 carers free GP cards
'It was not an appropriate comment to make': Minister slapped down for comments about coalition with Sinn Féin
Play golf on paternity leave? You're lucky to have time to breathe
68 people killed in Venezuelan jail fire
'It could have saved my life': HSE launches information campaign on the HPV vaccine
County breakdown: Here's how much is being spent tackling illegal dumping
People are unsure if the government is doing a good job on Brexit
Just under half of people trust the government
'A distraction': Review will look at abolishing the Strategic Communications Unit
From 2022, workers will be 'auto enrolled' on pension savings schemes
Government will offer an extra week of fuel allowance during the cold snap
Ireland is way behind on its tree-planting schedule
Cabinet approves draft bill clearing way Oireachtas to set new abortion laws if 8th is repealed
Empty lots in cities to be snapped up to help achieve 35,000 new builds a year
Australia bans sex between ministers and their staff after deputy PM's affair
Number of websites infected by cryptocurrency hack, Ireland's National Cyber Security Centre says
Rural broadband: Compensation for homeowners as new law to give access to private land
Why did Eir quit the State's broadband plan, and what now for rural Ireland?
Trump calls for 'nuclear option' in bid to end government shutdown in US
Drop in support for Fine Gael as voters say health service issues would impact their vote
Here’s why you may not be benefitting from the government’s big plan to bring down your car insurance
US gov shutdown: Trump blames Democrats for being 'too concerned with illegal immigrants'
'These are not faceless women': Key moments from the Dáil's Eighth Amendment debate
Construction of motorway to connect Dublin to Derry to begin this year
'My stupid mandatory but not compulsory line' - Regina Doherty on the rocky road of ministerial life
County breakdown: Government paid out over €4 million to help cover costs of funerals
'Some scoff at his use of social media and attire but 'brand Leo' is resonating with us'
From next year, stores will have to track the sales of rodent poison
Poll: Who do you want to see as Tánaiste?
What can be recycled? Government publishes first national list to help you out
'A mockery of our democracy': Pressure increases on Varadkar to make Dept of Justice docs public
Election or no election, the Christmas bonus will still be paid next week
FactCheck: Does Ireland really have a low rate of homelessness by international standards?
Analysis of homelessness rates in other countries vs Ireland
Britain's government has survived the first parliamentary challenges to its Brexit bill
'I didn't realise it was inappropriate': Woman receives €7k after Halligan asked if she was married in job interview