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January 2024
Glyphosate accounts for 30% of pesticides in Ireland, with residues found in some food samples
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Ireland supported keeping weedkiller glyphosate on the market for another 10 years in EU vote
European Commission to renew approval of herbicide glyphosate for 10 years
One in four people in Ireland have low-level exposure to weed killer, research says
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Researchers call for Irish families to take part in study of controversial weedkiller
Irish government says it will follow expert guidance after Austria approves ban of controversial weedkiller
Dublin City Council to trial alternative to controversial Monsanto weedkiller in parks and on streets
'A reality check for science': Controversial weedkiller gets five-year licence extension from the EU
'Prove to us it's safe': The Irish row over a controversial weedkiller is rumbling on
Should we be worried that this controversial weedkiller will be used for seven more years?