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Disabilities Minister Finian McGrath won't be contesting the election
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Leo Varadkar has 'made a decision' on the election but won't tell us what it is yet
Michael Lowry expects general election will be called before Dáil no confidence vote
No clarity on general election date as Leo and Micheál agree to meet again next week
Taoiseach fails to give absolute guarantee Dáil will reconvene next week
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Taoiseach contacts Micheál Martin to arrange talks about prolonging life of government
Verona Murphy has been 'through a tough time' but it's the right decision to take her off the FG ticket, says Coveney
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Martin says he's trying to be the 'sane voice' and calls on Varadkar to agree election date
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Varadkar says Verona Murphy and Dara Murphy have caused Fine Gael 'reputational damage'
Fine Gael's Paudie Coffey will not stand in next General Election
Jeremy Corbyn indicates early 2020 for departure date despite party pressure to quit immediately
Simon Harris 'not worried' amid speculation he could be next to face no confidence vote
Johnson on track to secure comfortable majority in UK general election, MRP poll suggests
Johnson pledges to bring Brexit deal back to Parliament next month as 'Christmas present'