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This month
February 2024
As Israel defies US to attack Rafah, where 1.4m people are trapped, what's the world's next move?
Tom Clonan: Israel has pursued the relentless massacre of innocent Palestinians in Gaza
What parties will 18-34-year-olds vote for in the EU elections? And why?
UN describes prospect of Israeli ground invasion of Rafah in southern Gaza as 'terrifying'
Tánaiste Micheál Martin said he is in “no doubt” that the continued bombing of Rafah will ‘constitute a war crime’.
Israeli Ambassador to Ireland Dana Erlich has said the military operation in Rafah is "necessary" to continue the release of hostages and "eliminate" Hamas.
EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell has today urged allies of Israel to stop sending it weapons as "too many people" are being killed in Gaza.
Israel kills 'around 100' people in strikes on Rafah while recovering two hostages
About 1.4 million Palestinians have crowded into Rafah, with many living in tents, while food, water and medicine are becoming scarce.
The EU's Israel-Gaza response has been poor according to two-thirds of Irish voters
The negative feeling is most keenly felt among younger people.
A major The Journal/Ireland Thinks poll, the first in a series of EU 2024 polls, published this morning.
The EU's response to the Gaza conflict has damaged its reputation with Irish people.
There remains, however, a huge motivation across the population to vote in four months with over 80% signalling intention to make it to the polling booths.
World leaders and Hamas warn Israel to call off plans to stage ground offensive in Rafah
Tánaiste condemns order given to Israeli troops to 'prepare to operate' in Rafah
Netanyahu orders plans for evacuation of Rafah as aid agencies warn escalation will be 'catastrophic'
Rafah is the last major town in the Gaza Strip Israeli ground troops have yet to enter.
US warns Israel of 'disaster' if it sends troops into Gaza's Rafah city
Benjamin Netanyahu said he had ordered troops to “prepare to operate” in Rafah, the last major urban area ground troops have yet to enter.
Prof Colin Doherty: Imagine if healthcare staff in Ireland were being killed while the world watched
Israeli PM Netanyahu rejects Hamas ceasefire demands and vows to secure ‘absolute victory’
Basketball Ireland CEO says boycotting game against Israel wouldn't make 'blind bit of difference'
Basketball Ireland CEO says boycotting game against Israel wouldn't make 'blind bit of difference'
Calls for a boycott of the game have been renewed after members of the Israeli team posed for photos with soldiers.
Qatar says Hamas response to new Gaza truce proposal is 'positive'
Blinken arrives in Saudi Arabia for another Middle East tour a bid to secure Israel-Hamas truce
Hamas considers hostage exchange deal as Israel kills 127 more people in strikes on Gaza
President Higgins warns of 'moment of global crisis' as Israel strikes refugee-dense southern Gaza
Israel hits southern city of Rafah crowded with hundreds of thousands of refugees
105 people killed in Gaza overnight as talks move towards deal on hostage-prisoner exchange
SF calls on Govt to boost Palestine agency support, amid fears it will close after funding cuts
Last month
January 2024
Government defeats Sinn Féin motion calling on intervention in genocide case against Israel
Hamas reviewing six-week truce proposal, as UN says half of Gaza's buildings have been damaged
UN Secretary General asks countries to restore funding to agency for Palestinian refugees
Strong words as Government and opposition debate intervening in genocide case against Israel
ICJ Gaza genocide case: Ireland expects to decide on intervention within next six months
Israeli troops, some disguised as medical staff, kill three Palestinians in West Bank hospital
The Israeli military said forces entered the hospital to target a “Hamas terrorist cell”.
Palestinian ambassador urges Irish politicians to use Patrick's Day visit to raise Gaza plight with Biden
Dr Jilan Wahba Abdalmajid said that she would respect whatever decision is taken by the Irish Government and Sinn Féin.
US Secretary of State urges UN agency to address claims of staff involvement in Hamas attack
UNRWA said Israel had provided the agency with information about the alleged involvement of several employees in the 7 October attack.
The European Union is one of UNRWA's top donors.
On Saturday, Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheál Martin said Ireland was not withdrawing its funding.
He said today he has no issue with the EU reviewing the situation as long as the aid keeps flowing.
US vows 'very consequential' response after military members killed in Jordan drone strike
'This is complex': Tánaiste says he will be in touch with opposition parties on ICJ case
Mary Lou McDonald says Patrick's Day trip will let Ireland send 'clear message' to US on Gaza
UN chief asks donor countries for 'continuity' in Gaza agency operations
Pressure mounts on Sinn Féin to boycott St Patrick's Day trip to Washington
UN Security Council to meet after ICJ ruling on South Africa's case against Israel
UN agency for Palestinian refugees sacks employees over claims of involvement in Hamas attack
Diary of an aid worker in Gaza: 'I go to the local market. There is nothing to buy.'
ICJ makes orders against Israel, agrees to hear South Africa's Gaza genocide case
Death toll from Israeli campaign in Gaza passes 26,000 with more than 180 killed overnight
'Same energy as Russia': Two of Ireland's Eurovision hopefuls say Israel should be cut from contest
One singer did not rule out boycotting the competition if Israel is not removed.