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Temperatures to reach 20 degrees over bank holiday weekend
Highs of 19 degrees expected over the bank holiday weekend
It's cold and frosty in many areas but a 'warm front' is on the way
Sunshine, rain and a risk of thunder all on the way
'Typical April weather' is on the way
We're going to get more sunshine today, but rain is on the way
More good weather today, but upcoming week will be 'changeable and unsettled'
Keep that umbrella handy... Heavy rain and winds to persist over the coming days
It's going to be a frosty, blustery, showery Easter weekend
Sunny spells and showers - here's what the weather will be like this weekend
Met √Čireann warns that 'exceptionally cold' weather is on the way
Inside Met √Čireann: How forecasters decode Ireland's weather
Get the umbrellas ready... Christmas weekend is going to be wet and windy
Rainfall warnings in place for 11 counties
'A tsunami from the skies': Taoiseach to travel to Donegal as emergency meeting takes place over floods
Motorists warned to take care as widespread thunderstorm warning issued
The weather is looking pretty good for the weekend
Heavy showers expected today, but things are looking up tomorrow
How old is Nuala Carey? Wikipedia put her at 'babe' years of age
Sunshine and highs of 25 degrees this weekend
Another rainfall warning issued but sunny spells expected tomorrow
Heavy rain and thunder on the way this week
Heavy rain today and tomorrow, but Sunday doesn't look too bad
Sleet, snow and rain expected today but the mercury is set to rise
Almost two billion people are on Facebook now
It's going to be foggy AND freezing across the country this morning
Have outdoor plans today? Bring an umbrella
Our mild October is forecast to turn cold and rainy this weekend
Miserable weather on the way as warnings issued for south and west
'Diaz is like the Terminator but Conor will put him away this time'
Humid week ahead with temperatures of up to 21 degrees
Frost and sleet as temperatures dip below freezing in many areas
Snowfalls expected today - and it will drop down to MINUS SIX at the weekend
There could be some further spot flooding tonight
Be careful out there, it's going to be VERY foggy this morning
Met Eireann received complaints about this arrow pointing out Ireland on the weather forecast
Met √Čireann received A LOT of complaints about Ireland's changeable weather
This weekend will be warm (yay) but there will be showers (boo)
When will we see lovely weather like yesterday again?
Yep, it's July and it looks like this. Abort all plans to the beach