# family poll

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Poll: Do you let your kids watch films rated for older children?
Poll: Will you talk to your kids about the upcoming referendum?
Poll: Did you drink alcohol during your pregnancy?
Poll: Do you restrict your kids from watching certain TV shows?
Poll: Have you ever spoken to your kids about consent?
Poll: Will your daughter be getting the HPV vaccine?
Poll: Did your kids buy into last year's fidget spinner craze?
Poll: Do you know the warning signs of meningitis?
Poll: Do you have rules about sugary drinks in your house?
Poll: Have your kids ever had a 'snow day'?
Poll: Do you allow your kids to eat fast food?
Poll: Will your kids be giving anything up for Lent this year?
Poll: Have you ever talked to your kids about internet safety?
Poll: Do you and your family make use of your local park?
Poll: What's the right age for a child to own a smartphone?
Poll: Do you monitor your child's internet use?
Poll: Have you ever sent your child to school while they were sick?
Poll: Do you encourage your kids to play sports?
Poll: Would you get your kids a pet for Christmas?
Poll: When is the right time to explain where babies come from?
Poll: Will you be doing any Christmas shopping online this year?
Poll: Will you be watching the Late Late Toy Show with your kids?
Poll: Would you announce your pregnancy on social media?
Poll: Do you think free GP care should be extended to kids over six?
Poll: Should paternity leave be mandatory for fathers?
Poll: What age were you when you first had kids?
Poll: Will you be making or buying this year's Halloween costumes?
Poll: Do you think your kids get enough physical activity?
Poll: Do you think Budget 2018 did enough for families?
Poll: Are you worried about the Budget's impact on families?
Poll: Do you feel that you had sufficient maternity or paternity leave?
Poll: Do you read to your kids at night?
Poll: Do you teach your kids about gender equality?
Poll: Do your kids prefer touchscreens or toys?
Poll: Is it important to you that your kids learn Irish?
Poll: Do you worry about the bath products you use on your kids?
Poll: Do you worry about getting your kids into a 'good' school?
Poll: Would you prevent your child from being vaccinated?
Poll: What do you do for childcare?
Poll: Do you worry about gendered toy advertisements?