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Last year
Final Iceland stores in Ireland close, as company enters liquidation
Siptu demands 'immediate' meeting with Iceland examiner as Waterford staff face 'forced closure'
Frozen food ban on Iceland stores lifted as extension granted on efforts to save the company
Workers' occupation of Iceland Talbot St enters 7th week after bank holiday demonstration
Interim examiner appointed to Iceland's Irish franchise, days after major food recall
All time
Construction company building hundreds of social housing units goes into examinership
Explainer: How 'examinership' works in Ireland (including how Saddam Hussein comes into it)
Linda Tripp, whose taped conversations with Lewinsky led to Clinton impeachment, dies aged 70
Limerick FC set to be liquidated
Why ailing Irish firms aren't opting for examinership
Nursing home goes into examinership over fears vulture fund may seek to put it into receivership
Irish-based online course provider with 4.5 million students enters examinership
Minister says 200 new social housing units stalled due to construction firm examinership will be delivered
High Court places construction firm involved in building of social housing into examinership
Carillion construction fallout: Wexford principal fearful new school may not be able to open in time
Companies that own Galway's G Hotel and Eye Cinema owe €690 million to bank, court hears
There's a scheme to save struggling Irish companies from going under, but it's never been used. Here’s why
This scheme to save struggling Irish companies has never been used. Here’s why
The examinership of Dublin's Trinity Bar & Venue is to be opposed
Your crash course in... Examinership
Court battle over examinership of one of Ireland's top golf courses
One of the country's top golf courses, Druids Glen, has gone into examinership
1,400 jobs at risk as Debenhams Ireland goes into examinership
Over 130 jobs, and one of Ireland's best-known brands, have been saved
Mothercare is shutting stores after complaining about 'unsustainable' rents
Think all Irish newspapers are in trouble? This one isn't...
Fossett's Circus 'open for business' despite facing potential collapse
33 jobs saved at Kildare playgroup
What are the main issues surrounding fertility in Ireland?
Here's how many jobs were saved through examinership in the last three months
How is the government revamping the social welfare system?
Carl Scarpa and Flannery's Pub among eight firms who saved over 400 jobs so far this year
Elverys may not have to shed jobs following appointment of examiner, experts say
This TD claims his bill could save thousands of jobs - and create thousands more
Carl Scarpa to exit examinership and save jobs but two stores will close
Four A|wear stores remain open following examiner appointment
Fewer Irish companies failing – report
Construction company requests examiner after payment problems
Examiner placed to Carl Scarpa clothing stores
Charity funds remain unpaid as Event Elephant petition for examinership