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January 2024
Extreme weather events show Ireland's vulnerability to climate change, report says
Last year
Just 28% of plastic packaging recycled as country remains off track to meet EU targets
Councils told to 'prioritise' inspections for air, noise and water pollution
Ireland's new national air quality forecast goes live today
Dr Catherine Conlon: Sewage in our waterways has huge health and environmental consequences
Over half of Ireland's waste water discharges still aren't meeting EU standards
EPA says 'urgent action' is needed to improve quality of drinking water from private supplies
Swimming restrictions hit over half of all Irish bathing waters this summer
Sea swimming has never been more popular but risks of pollution are also rising.
Noteworthy analysed over 1,600 restrictions from the last decade and they almost tripled over that time
Restrictions include swimming bans and warnings of pollution risk
Expert: “More needs to be done to keep the water in our rivers, lakes and beaches clean”
Two thirds of general waste could've been recycled or composted, EPA finds
FactFind: Do more than a thousand people die per year in Ireland due to burning solid fuels?
Opinion: So, it's now forbidden to tweet about reducing meat consumption - in a climate crisis?
EPA deletes tweet about Meat Free Mondays after farmer complaints
EPA releases industrial water register for first time - but redacts almost 150 farm businesses
Ireland at risk of missing plastic recycling targets, with most plastic waste incinerated
Nearly 500,000 people receive drinking water from 'at-risk' public supplies
Ireland at risk of breaking carbon budget limit as emissions fell only 2% last year
One fifth of septic tanks deemed a 'risk' to human health and environment, report shows
Dozens more inspectors needed to tackle the 'wicked problem' of farm water pollution
'Extremely disappointing': Water quality in rivers and lakes fails to make upward strides
Department of Agriculture pressured EPA not to release list of farms pumping from rivers
Govt say EPA report 'doesn't tell the full story' and won't concede targets will be missed
Ireland to fail on climate targets as lack of policy proves to be a stumbling block
EPA: Ireland needs to 'grasp the nettle' of climate change.
Did your local beach get a Blue Flag this year? The 2023 list has been announced
EPA reveals Ireland's good and bad bathing sites as improvement continues
Meat rendering plant allowed to expand capacity despite complaints of 'rotten' smell over city
All time
Intensive farming set to ramp up if planned pig and poultry farms approved
Rising levels of waste making it difficult to increase recycling rates, EPA warns
Report: Here are the counties performing the best and worst on local environment issues
Ireland continues to pump poorly treated sewage into rivers and lakes nationwide
Only half of Irish rivers and lakes able to sustain healthy ecosystems for fish and insects
Irish Water too slow at replacing lead pipes – EPA
Ireland's nuclear emergency response plan tested yesterday for the first time in five years
There are 'concerning localised issues' impacting negatively on air people breathe, EPA warns
Public urged to make an Enduring Power of Attorney as research shows just 6% have done so
Carlow company told to engage with EPA following complaints about strong odour
EPA seeks report from Waterford council over use of bleach to 'disinfect' rivers since 1980s
Eamon Ryan says 'we have to do more' as greenhouse gas emissions top pre-pandemic levels
The Environmental Protection Agency report shows an increase in emissions of 4.7% in 2021 compared to 2020, when Covid-19 restrictions were in place.
There was a 17.6% increase in emissions from the energy industries sector, attributable to a tripling of coal and oil use in electricity generation last year.
Agriculture emissions increased by 3% last year, the third year in a row that emissions have risen in the sector.
The Explainer x Noteworthy: Is Ireland a dumping ground for poultry manure?
Deaths of at least 80 cows in last decade linked to spreading of poultry manure
16 farms inspected in last decade over concerns with poor spreading of poultry litter, Noteworthy reveals
In the most impactful case, 19 dairy cows died across two farms from botulism linked to litter spreading
Difficult for authorities to identify farms of origin of the litter for inspection or further action
'Canary in the coal mine': Protected nature areas under pressure from poultry farming