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This year
Extreme weather events show Ireland's vulnerability to climate change, report says
Last year
Ireland's new national air quality forecast goes live today
EPA says 'urgent action' is needed to improve quality of drinking water from private supplies
EPA deletes tweet about Meat Free Mondays after farmer complaints
One fifth of septic tanks deemed a 'risk' to human health and environment, report shows
All time
Rising levels of waste making it difficult to increase recycling rates, EPA warns
Ireland's nuclear emergency response plan tested yesterday for the first time in five years
Carlow company told to engage with EPA following complaints about strong odour
Eamon Ryan says 'we have to do more' as greenhouse gas emissions top pre-pandemic levels
The Environmental Protection Agency report shows an increase in emissions of 4.7% in 2021 compared to 2020, when Covid-19 restrictions were in place.
There was a 17.6% increase in emissions from the energy industries sector, attributable to a tripling of coal and oil use in electricity generation last year.
Agriculture emissions increased by 3% last year, the third year in a row that emissions have risen in the sector.
170,000 homes across Ireland thought to be at risk from Radon gas, EPA says
EPA reveals Ireland's best and worst quality bathing sites
Peat pressure: Industrial peat extraction in enforcement firing line
High Court orders peat company to halt unauthorised extraction in Midlands
One in twenty private water supplies were contaminated with E. coli in 2020, EPA says
It will 'take decades' for Irish Water to remove all lead pipework, EPA says
Raw sewage from 33 towns and villages is flowing into our environment every day
More than one million tonnes of packaging waste created in Ireland for third year in a row
Irish Water faces sentence over environmental breaches in Cork and Kildare
Water quality in almost half of Ireland's rivers and lakes deemed unsatisfactory
Pollution causes around 725 deaths in Dublin each year, with 144 linked to diesel emissions, study finds
Covid-19 drives biggest drop in Ireland's greenhouse gas emissions since global financial crisis
EPA: Ireland lacks adequate facilities to process the hazardous waste it generates
Irish performance on climate change 'very poor', says major EPA report
Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions decreased by 4.5% in 2019 - the largest reduction since 2011
Raw sewage from 35 towns and villages flows into our environment every day
Poor air quality is prematurely killing over 1,300 in Ireland each year
EPA warns 'single-use and throwaway culture' leading to significant waste levels and decline in recycling
Over a quarter of waste water systems inspected last year 'posed risk to human health'
Irish newspaper coverage of climate change low by European standards and 'predominantly political'
Raw sewage from 77,000 people in Ireland flowing into environment every day
Thousands of kilos of potent greenhouse gas leaked from an ESB station. The EPA wasn't told
'Small black particles' at Irish Water plant led to boil water notice for 600,000 people last week
Irish Water apologises to 600,000 customers affected by boil water notice
'A toxic decision': Protest planned after EPA gives green light for Irish Cement Ltd to burn waste
'It's a real crisis': Billions of litres of untreated water overflows at Ringsend wastewater plant since 2015
Warning of 'odour' near Ringsend as EPA says plumes to continue until waste water plant upgrade
EPA to inspect wastewater treatment plant after brown plume discharges into Dublin Bay
Internal documents show up to one million litres of oil leaked from ESB underground cables
Raw sewage from 38 towns and villages flowing into our environment, report says
Here are the best and worst beaches in Ireland to go swimming