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Poll: Do you vote in European elections?
Albanese sworn in as prime minister in Australia ahead of Tokyo summit
Australia set to go to the polls in expected close election
Ferdinand Marcos Junior claims victory in Philippine election
Philippine dictator's son wins landslide presidential victory
Macron vows new start for nation at second term inauguration
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Opinion: Macron's politically divisive presidency may have engineered Le Pen's comeback
‘Long past the point’ for Westminster to take action on Protocol, TUV leader says
Macron and Le Pen clash over Russian loan, hijab ban and cost of living in debate
Emmanuel Macron to face Marine Le Pen in run-off election for French presidency - exit polls
Poll: Would you like to see Emmanuel Macron re-elected as French president?
Voters cast their ballots in Hungary election with PM Orban vying for fourth consecutive term
French far-right leader Marine Le Pen closing gap on Emmanuel Macron, new polls show
Conservative 'anti-feminist' Yoon Suk-Yeol wins tight South Korean presidential race
Socialist Party wins re-election in Portugal
Chile elects new left-wing president over far-right candidate likened to Donald Trump
Portugal’s president calls a snap election for 30 January
Biden predicts Democratic win in Virginia but election remains too close to call
Security tight as Iraqis vote for new parliament
Post-election haggling begins in Germany as multiple parties seek to form government coalition
Preliminary official results showed that the centre-left Social Democrats narrowly won the vote.
Angela Merkel's centre-right Christian Democrat bloc had its worst result since 1949.
Would-be successor Armin Laschet claims right to try to build the next government .
Iceland falls short of Europe's first women-majority parliament
Iceland takes to the polls in general election as government hangs by a thread
Navalny app removed from Apple and Google as Russians vote in election
Poll: Who would you vote for if a general election was held today?
French far-right faces crucial test in second round of voting in regional elections
It's official: Dublin Bay South by-election date set for 8 July
War-ravaged Syria is heading to the polls with Assad set to extend his grip on power
Early results indicate win for right-wing party in Madrid election
Corruption trial of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu gets underway
Netanyahu claims victory in Israeli election but majority still uncertain
Dutch PM Mark Rutte savours ‘overwhelming vote of confidence’ in poll
Larry Donnelly: Isn’t it nice to have someone we can honestly respect in charge?
Giuseppe Conte resigns as Italy's Prime Minister - so what's next?
Portugal reelects TV pundit as president, after people brave the pandemic to vote
Portugal chooses president amid surge in virus cases
Uganda’s Bobi Wine wins growing power despite loss in disputed presidential election
EU urges Israel to facilitate Palestinian vote
Biden congratulated as president-elect by top Republican as inauguration to have 'extremely limited' crowds due to Covid
Romania's Orban resigns as Prime Minister after election setback