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Life after an election: 'The hurt, the hard work and signing on the dole'
It's all over: All 158 seats in the 32nd Dáil have now been filled
The aftermath: Fianna Fáil toasts success, as Fine Gael looks increasingly chaotic
The Longford-Westmeath recount is back underway
Most people think it's time for Joan Burton to go
After repeatedly ruling them out, Enda now says Fine Gael will talk to Fianna Fáil
Enda Kenny says people should keep paying their water charges
Why the 'Every Little Hurts' ad sank Labour
Enda breaks his silence, says Fine Gael will 'play part in providing a government'
We now have more female TDs than ever before - but do we really have gender quotas to thank?
Enda is off to Washington, but only a few ministers will get a Paddy's Day trip
"United, we'll never be defeated" - Bríd Smith finally triumphs in Dublin South Central
A Labour loss in the 'group of death' and now there are just 2 seats up for grabs
'I'm a first time voter and I got to see democracy unfold in front of my eyes at the RDS'
Why did Europe delay a report that criticised Ireland until after the election?
No TDs for days, then three in a minute - rollercoaster of emotions at a crazy count in Dublin Bay North
'Group of Death': Minister for Drugs Aodhán Ó Ríordáin has lost his Dáil seat
'When political parties backtrack on promises on who they would go into power with, I feel lied to'
Four days later, election counting still isn't over
The next Taoiseach: The people want Micheál over Enda - but a lot want neither
Counts, checks and courts as Monday dragged for wannabe TDs
They're still slugging it out in Dublin Bay North but Averil's not throwing in the towel
Before he even talks about government Micheál Martin wants a lot of Dáil reform
The low-downs: The 11 candidates who secured the least votes this election
Why Sinn Féin had a good election - but not a great election
The cabinet, including the three ministers who lost their seats, will meet tomorrow
Poll-toppers: The 10 candidates who secured the most votes this election
Bertie says 'no chance in hell' government will be formed before Easter
Down to the wire: This Labour TD might still have a chance at a seat
In or out: What happened to the Fine Gael and Labour ministers?
Champagne, selfies and a 40-car cavalcade in Healy-Rae victory tour
We probably won't know the final election result until tomorrow at the earliest
After voters rejected him, can Enda Kenny survive?
It's not always winning a seat - there are plenty of small victories in an election
They said - the general election count quotes of the weekend
"Foes must become allies": Here's how the world has been reporting on our election
Power recount: Dublin Bay North's Group of Death goes into Monday
PLAY-BY-PLAY: Nearly there - but FIVE recounts are going to delay the election result proper
'Up Fianna Fáil, we're back!': How the party reclaimed 'Fine Gael country'
The Brothers Healy-Rae are the latest in a long line of siblings in the Dáil