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Last week
11th February 2024 - 17th February 2024
Taoiseach expects Oireachtas committee on drug use to be up and running no later than April
Last month
January 2024
Merchants Quay says it will take time for drug users to 'trust' new supervised injection centre
Ireland has 'once in a generation' chance to decriminalise personal drug use, Paul Reid says
A special Oireachtas committee will be established to examine the Citizens’ Assembly’s recommendations, Drugs Minister Hildegarde Naughton confirmed.
The Citizens' Assembly on Drug Use today published its final report
The document includes 36 recommendations to overhaul Ireland's drug policy and establish a more health-led approach
A special Oireachtas committee will be set up to examine the report and suggest new legislation
Detoxing from G is '100 times worse than alcohol withdrawal', expert warns
Chemsex – using drugs like G to enhance and prolong sex – has become more common in Ireland in recent years.
GHB or GBL is used socially and for the purposes of chemsex
The drug is highly addictive and its potency varies widely
Every year dozens of people seek help to detox from G at the Club Drugs Clinic in Dublin
Last year
HSE warns of 'extra risk' to drug users after eight overdoses in Cork in the last 36 hours
Irish society 'hates heroin users': Former minister hits out at drugs policy
Service users 'devastated' amid plan to shut down 'vital' addiction support service in Dublin
A potent synthetic opioid was found in the heroin that caused overdoses, but what are nitazenes?
At least 40 people in Dublin overdose on 'very potent' heroin batch as HSE issues fresh warning
Ireland 'needs to be ready' for increase in fentanyl use amid expected heroin shortage
'There is no time to waste': What happens next after the Citizens' Assembly on Drug Use?
Citizens' Assembly on Drugs Use to vote on key recommendations to Government
'Absolute priority' to open Ireland's first supervised drug injection centre by next September
Opinion: The Citizens' Assembly on Drug Use has a once-in-a-lifetime chance to effect change
Dr Chris Luke: What exactly happens to your body when you take cocaine?
Chief Medical Officer says level of cannabis use in Ireland is ‘of great concern’
Opinion: The Citizens’ Assembly on Drug Use needs more diversity of speakers and thought
Pilot scheme will see people at risk of opioid overdose given relief medication they can take at home
Tales from New York: 'We should learn from the drug treatment approach here'
Support service calls for better availability of overdose-reversing drug
Citizens’ assembly chair says urgent step change in approach to drug use is needed
'Staff have been attacked, spat at': Dublin city businesses on impact of anti-social behaviour
The Journal visited areas of the city centre this week to chat to business owners.
Tony Gallagher, a security consultant, said the level of shoplifting in the city centre has reached a "crisis level".
97 drug samples surrendered for testing at Life Festival
Drug use 'everywhere' but marginalised communities face more difficulties, Citizens' Assembly hears
Citizens' Assembly on Drugs Use now open for submissions from the public
Therapist: Right or wrong, recreational drug use is part of the festival experience
Citizens' Assembly on Drugs holds first meeting in Dublin
Researchers find evidence of drug use during Bronze Age ceremonies
Opinion: The Greek model of responding to drug use is worth keeping an eye on
Simon Harris: 'Direct link between snorting a line and murder, assault, criminality and misery'
Opinion: We as legislators must be brave and make difficult decisions regarding drug laws
Opinion: Enough talk - we need to decriminalise the possession of drugs for personal use
All time
Syringe analysis shows increase in methamphetamine use and cocaine-heroin mixture
Criminalising drug use is 'disastrous' waste of time and money, expert to tell Justice Committee
Report finds one in three young drinkers in Ireland have an alcohol use disorder
Kinahan cartel linked to at least 20 murders in four EU countries
Psychological Society criticises delay in 'vital' citizens' assembly on drugs amid death warning
'If cattle were dying, not humans, there would be action': Citizens' assembly on drugs delayed
Lynn Ruane: Global drug laws can be traced back to a small group of conserative American men
Cocaine now the second-most common drug used by third-level students, new report shows