# Drones

This month
February 2024
Man who flew 6kg drone at busy Galway shopping centre prosecuted and fined €5,000
Last year
Russia and Ukraine launch drone attacks targeting air base and Black Sea coast
Russia and Ukraine exchange drone attacks after EU funding is blocked
Ukraine says it shot down 14 Russian drones overnight
‘Drones are not toys’ warn authorities ahead of Christmas
Man pleads not guilty in Dublin Airport drone case
Kim Jong Un gifted drones on his departure from Russia
Russia says five drones shot down overnight, including one targeting Moscow
Dublin Airport authority given legal permission to deter and take down drones
Russia repels latest drone attack approaching Moscow
Irish Aviation Authority launches investigation into use of drone near scene of Clonmel tragedy
Russia shoots down drone headed for Moscow in sixth consecutive night of strikes
Russia says it shot down three drones during the latest aerial assault inside its borders
Russia says it downed a wave of Ukrainian drones overnight nearing Crimea and Moscow
Dublin Airport bound flights diverted to Belfast due to drone sighting
Russia claims it thwarted Ukrainian drone attacks on Moscow and Crimea
Putin says Wagner group ‘doesn’t exist’, as Ukraine airforce downs 16 Iranian-made drones
US drone strike in Syria kills ISIS leader
Russia claims it downed Ukrainian drone near Moscow region airport
Ukraine claims gains around embattled Bakhmut, but admits Russian progress
London's Gatwick Airport forced to divert flights due to drone activity
Dublin Airport drone accused to face higher court if he contests the case
Gardaí and DAA share leaflets warning people not to fly drones near Dublin Airport
Pentagon releases footage of what it says is Russian aircraft dumping fuel on US drone
Head of Dublin Airport says new drone technology can prevent flight disruption
Dublin Airport to have counter-drone technology in place in a 'number of weeks', Chambers says
50-year-old man appears in court relation to Dublin Airport drone incident last month
Dublin Airport chief calls for 'draconian' prison sentences for flying drones over airfields
Ministers meet aviation officials and gardaí over repeated drone disruption at Dublin Airport
Ryanair calls for government intervention as flights diverted from Dublin due to drones
Russia will step up exploding drone attacks on Ukraine, Zelenskyy says
Russia says more than 60 soldiers killed in Ukrainian strike
Russia's New Year raids on Ukraine kill four and wound dozens
All time
Seoul says warning shots were fired after North Korean drone enters territory
Iran admits sending Russia drones but says before Ukraine war
What are ‘kamikaze’ Shahed drones and how do they work?
Man due to appear in court following drone and drugs seizure in Portlaoise
Coronavirus: Irish researchers develop drone that can deliver UV light to disinfect public spaces
Drones to be deployed to assist firefighters tackling forest fires over coming months
'This is the most fun business on the planet, the most difficult but the most fun'