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# dna - Wednesday 26 February, 2020

From The42 Geraghty: Meath have 'lost a bit' of their footballing identity DNA

Geraghty: Meath have 'lost a bit' of their footballing identity

The Meath legend has been impressed with Galway’s switch to attacking football.

# dna - Thursday 13 February, 2020

Northern Ireland police breached man's human rights by keeping his DNA

The case could have implications for the DNA databse in the Republic of Ireland.

# dna - Thursday 21 November, 2019

Blood found on carpet in home of couple accused of female genital mutilation of daughter, court hears

A DNA expert told Dublin Circuit Criminal Court the blood matched that of the injured girl.

# dna - Wednesday 11 September, 2019

It should be possible to collect Tuam survivor DNA samples before legislation, report says

Dr Geoffrey Shannon’s Report on the Collection of Tuam Survivors’ DNA has been published today.

# dna - Sunday 6 January, 2019

Retired garda searches for family of unidentified victim in 1968 Wexford plane crash

There were 33 male passengers whose bodies were never recovered and Gerry Kealy is working through the families to rule them out.

# dna - Sunday 30 December, 2018

Why can't the remains of 5 unidentified men buried in Ireland be exhumed for DNA testing?

There have been renewed calls for a centralised database and repository as currently the State does not know how many unidentified remains there are.

# dna - Monday 3 December, 2018

Ireland's DNA database to be shared with other European countries to help fight cross-border crime

Ireland’s DNA database holds 16,361 DNA profiles of suspected offenders and convicted offenders.

# dna - Wednesday 11 July, 2018

Adrienne Corless: 'It looks like the consultation facilitators dug deep to find resistance to full excavation'

There was only ever one thing to do: excavate the site and DNA test the remains without delay, writes Adrienne Corless.

# dna - Thursday 5 July, 2018

Man accused of murdering Gareth Hutch had earplugs seized for DNA evidence, court hears

Gareth Hutch was shot dead in Dublin on the morning of 24 May 2016.

# dna - Friday 13 April, 2018

Experts say Tuam remains should be able to be identified using advanced DNA technology

A team of scientists have contradicted an expert technical group over the remains

# dna - Friday 23 March, 2018

Man found guilty of sexually assaulting and falsely imprisoning women

When one of the women ran away he caught her and began punching her repeatedly.

# dna - Thursday 8 February, 2018

First Irish populations had dark skin similar to Cheddar Man, DNA research suggests

This week, UK scientists confirmed that the first modern Briton had dark skin and blue eyes.

# dna - Friday 2 February, 2018

UK allows doctors to make babies using DNA from three people

The technique is being used to help prevent women passing on fatal genetic diseases to their children.

# dna - Saturday 20 January, 2018

'People forgot this baby was stabbed': Why did it take so long to test Baby John's DNA?

Gardaí have said they are determined to find out what happened to the baby boy.

# dna - Wednesday 17 January, 2018

There is more than one apology due over the abysmal Kerry Babies saga

But one is all we’re likely to get.

# dna - Tuesday 16 January, 2018

Kerry Babies: An unsolved murder 34 years after Ireland put 'womanhood on trial'

As we wait on a significant announcement from gardaí, we look back at the Kerry Babies case which rocked the country to its core – and became, perhaps, a catalyst for change.

# dna - Sunday 7 January, 2018

Ancient DNA evidence reveals story of first Native Americans to enter the continent

A team of researchers made the discovery using DNA from a six-month-old Native American infant.

# dna - Tuesday 12 December, 2017

Report sets out five options of what could happen at Tuam

The report said it would be particularly difficult to identify “commingled remains” and the remains of children under two.

# dna - Monday 4 December, 2017

New technology solves mystery of unidentified body found 10 years ago using siblings' DNA

Joseph Reilly’s family have been searching for him for over 10 years to no avail.

# dna - Friday 22 September, 2017

From The42 Crisis-hit FA have been shown up by Mark Sampson debacle Column

Crisis-hit FA have been shown up by Mark Sampson debacle

Tommy Martin writes on the beleaguered organisation that became embroiled in further controversy this week.

# dna - Wednesday 6 September, 2017

DNA of surrealist Salvador Dali's exhumed body disproves claim he fathered Spanish woman

Dali’s embalmed body had been exhumed in July to allow for a DNA paternity test.

# dna - Tuesday 8 August, 2017

9/11 victim's remains identified nearly 16 years later

Remains of 40% of the people who died in the attacks have yet to be identified.

# dna - Thursday 3 August, 2017

Poll: Do you agree with gene editing? Your Say This post contains a poll

Poll: Do you agree with gene editing?

The controversial process could help eradicate certain diseases.

Scientists fix disease genes in human embryos for the first time

Just over 72% of the embryos ended up being free of a heart disease-causing mutation.

# dna - Thursday 13 July, 2017

Salvador Dali's body to be exhumed for paternity test next week

A woman who claims to be his daughter has filed a paternity claim.

# dna - Saturday 27 May, 2017

People from this Greek beach village have a gene that helps them live longer, despite diet

The isolate population in Mylopotamos live on a diet rich in animal fat.

# dna - Wednesday 17 May, 2017

New DNA database helped gardaí solve two murders and hundreds of burglaries

The database has been in operation for 15 months.

# dna - Thursday 20 April, 2017

DNA tests confirm remains of missing South African hunter 'found in crocodiles'

Scott Van Zyl went missing during a hunting expedition last week.

# dna - Saturday 18 March, 2017

From The Daily Edge It was revealed that Michael Healy-Rae's DNA is pure Cork on the Late Late last night Car Crash Television

It was revealed that Michael Healy-Rae's DNA is pure Cork on the Late Late last night

This couldn’t have worked out better.

# dna - Saturday 11 March, 2017

Meet the woman who solves US murders decades after they have taken place

Dr Erin Kimmerle is considered to be one of America’s best forensic anthropologists.

# dna - Tuesday 7 February, 2017

Canadian woman found guilty of hiding six babies she gave birth to in storage locker

Authorities are unable to determine the causes of the deaths.

# dna - Tuesday 31 January, 2017

Police solve 40-year-old murder case of ex-wife of Righteous Brothers singer

A controversial DNA technique known as familial DNA was used to identify the killer.

# dna - Wednesday 28 December, 2016

DNA screening of taxi drivers in rape case 'welcome as long as a balanced approach is taken'

The Dublin Rape Crisis Centre has welcomed the garda initiative which aims to solve the 2015 case.

# dna - Thursday 15 December, 2016

The first three-parent baby in the UK could be born next year

The technique would allow mothers who carry disease-causing mutations in their genes to give birth to children free of the illness.

# dna - Sunday 4 December, 2016

From The42 'I am here to build the future' - Mourinho says United job is about more than just results DNA

'I am here to build the future' - Mourinho says United job is about more than just results

The former Chelsea manager has defended his indifferent start to life at Old Trafford.

# dna - Sunday 16 October, 2016

DNA is helping Irish people find their ancestors from centuries ago

We spoke to one Irish man who’s made genealogy his passion.

# dna - Monday 10 October, 2016

A piece of Kim Kardashian's stolen jewellery has been recovered

The diamond-studded cross necklace was reportedly dropped by the men who robbed the reality star in Paris on 3 October during their getaway.

# dna - Friday 7 October, 2016

From The42 Why have Ireland failed to build on their Italy and France performances? DNA

Why have Ireland failed to build on their Italy and France performances?

Tommy Martin wonders if we should be turning to PHDs rather than pundits to analyse Ireland’s struggles.

# dna - Tuesday 3 May, 2016

Breast cancer: Genetic find a major breakthrough

Around 10% of Irish women will develop the condition during their lifetimes.

# dna - Saturday 6 February, 2016

Chinese medicines are packed with endangered animal DNA

“Dried geckos are used as an aphrodisiac; monkey skeletons are used to treat general pain”.

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