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# Diet

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# science week
The science of recovery - how you can get the most out of your body
From diet to hydration, these are they keys to preparing for the next session.
'By paying attention to what I was putting in my body, I was finally able to stay reflux free'
Michael Kelly talks about cutting back on foods to help an ailment and has a great recipe for red cabbage, carrot and beetroot slaw.
# processed meats
'Remember a few years ago we were told butter was bad for you?'
New guidelines could be issued for red meat consumption.
After years of troubled skin I wanted to get rid of my spots, but I was duped
As Dara O Briain once said, scientists have tested ‘natural remedies’ and if they worked they became medicine, the rest is just a nice bowl of soup and some pot-pourri, writes Fiachra Duffy.
These five elements of the Japanese diet will make you slimmer and live longer
You are 6 times more likely to be obese if you live in Ireland compared to Japan writes Fiona Uyema.
# no bread
'Gluten-free for me, please': You may well be coeliac, but you should not self-diagnose
Experts have warned that diagnosing coeliac disease can be challenging, requiring a series of tests and procedures.
# you're not the only one
These women are staring at the sun as an aid to weight loss
It’s all the rage in Hong Kong.
# stress and chocolate
Scientists have been studying the link between stress and junk food
Why a challenging meeting can lead you to reach for chocolates or sweets…
The food sector wants to sell us more for greater profits – but we need to consume less
For the first time in human history our biggest killers are not pathogens, at least in the Western world, but illnesses created by poor diet and the drive to consume more calories.
# Healthy Eating
The macronutrients every sportsperson absolutely must have in their diet
This is where you get your energy from and they are found carbohydrates, protein and fat.
# nutrition
The easiest and tastiest pre-training pancake recipe...
Nutrition doesn’t have to be boring.
# Gotcha
A study which claimed eating chocolate helps you lose weight was an elaborate hoax
Journalist John Bohannon wanted to make a point about studies with little scientific merit making headlines and driving fad diets.
# Ruaidhri's story
Adopting a vegan diet has helped an Irish golfer to edge closer to the European Tour
Ruaidhri McGee is flying high on the Challenge Tour.
# Nutrition advice
Being too strict with your diet is a recipe for failure, says UFC star Cathal Pendred
The cold-turkey approach to carbs is rarely successful.
# immortality diet
This is the breakfast you should be eating if you want to 'live forever'
…according to Google’s leading futurist.
# not so diet
Bad news -- people who drink diet soda put on way more belly fat than those who don't
Soz, Diet Coke fans.
# feeling peckish?
Pre bed-time snacker? Here are a few healthier options (than ice cream)
Many of us don’t get enough protein in our diets so here are three tasty options.
# Obesity
Telling a fat person to diet is 'like asking a person who's bleeding to avoid sharp objects'
Experts have said obesity can not be cured with dieting and exercise alone.
Opinion: As January drew to a close, so did hundreds of New Year’s diets
My modest goal for this year is to get a body like Cristiano Ronaldo… but January’s good intentions seem a long way off.
# Eat Smart
Tom Brady's diet is so strict that he eats avocado-based ice cream as a treat
Those Super Bowl rings don’t win themselves.
# nutrition
Detoxing? Here are a few ideas for simple lunch recipes
They might not look the most exciting but they’re pretty damn tasty.
# Fail
11 smug #CleanEats photos that should never have existed
Not every meal needs to be photographed.
# the time diet
Eat whatever you want and lose weight*
*As long as you eat it in a 9 to 12 hour window and you’re a mouse.
# nutrition
An easy, peasy onion soup recipe that will fit right in to your fitness plan
Is it lunchtime yet? We’re starving.
# Men's Health
7 in 10 Irish men are overweight or obese but they're less likely to diet than women
Report finds men’s food choices are dictated by taste, habit and convenience.
# smart training
An easy way to cut down on carbs (and some tasty alternatives)
We’re not talking about any extreme diets – a few simple changes can help you along the way.
# darker evenings
Cork lab looks to make salmon our new source of Vitamin D
We’re now entering into the darkest months of the year, when our bodies can absorb the least Vitamin D.
# Challenge
This diet will make you feel less tired, more energetic
Warning: there is absolutely no coffee in this diet.
# DIY DIet
Here's how 'normal' people can do that dramatic LeBron James diet
This is the healthy version.
# nutrition
The 67-day diet that LeBron James used to lose a load of weight is too extreme for normal people
Leave it off, normy.
# Fitness
The secret to LeBron James's summer diet
The NBA’s biggest star shed more than 10 pounds this summer. Here’s how he streamlined.
# Health
Portable insulin pumps prove better than insulin injections for type 2 diabetes
Poorly controlled type 2 diabetes often results in the need for insulin injections.
Numbers acquiring Irish citizenship rapidly increased between 2010 and 2012 - report
A new ESRI report looks at a number of factors of immigrant lifestyle.
# sweet tooth
Sugar is pretty much ruining the world - here's how and why
A new study from a Swiss bank lays bare the facts.
# prehistoric
Neanderthals made sure to eat their greens, ancient poo reveals
The study in the journal PLOS ONE is the first to analyze feces in an attempt to show precisely what kinds of foods our long-extinct kin were eating.
Aaron McKenna: Can we have a ban on banning things, please?
Banning ice cream and caramel Frappuccinos will not solve our obesity problem – we need to get to the root of the what’s causing it.
# so closer
Unfortunate Katie Hopkins-related typo in Closer magazine
She’s spotted it, of course.
# Diet
Eating too much red meat could increase your risk of breast cancer
A new study looks at diet in early adulthood, while previous research had focused on diet later in life.
# Breaking
This is an actual news headline that was published today
Shocking revelations.
# shape up
Confirmed: Diet soft drinks do actually help people lose weight
Participants in a recent study who drank the diet beverages actually lost weight than those drinking water who were on the same diet and exercise plan.