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# diagnosis - Friday 19 June, 2020

Ireland faces lung disease crisis as a result of Covid-19, expert group warns

The group has called for additional resources for the diagnosis, treatment and care of people with respiratory conditions

# diagnosis - Tuesday 4 February, 2020

Conservative US radio host Rush Limbaugh says he has advanced lung cancer

Limbaugh told listeners he intends to carry on his radio show despite his diagnosis.

# diagnosis - Tuesday 21 January, 2020

Ozzy Osbourne says he's been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease

The singer said it was discovered after he suffered a fall.

# diagnosis - Wednesday 18 September, 2019

From The42 'They took that right away from me' - Thomas says journalist told his parents about HIV status Speaking Out This post contains videos

'They took that right away from me' - Thomas says journalist told his parents about HIV status

The former Wales international revealed his diagnosis to the public last weekend.

# diagnosis - Sunday 15 September, 2019

From The42 Wales great Gareth Thomas reveals HIV positive diagnosis Diagnosis

Wales great Gareth Thomas reveals HIV positive diagnosis

The former international says he refuses to live in “fear and shame” of having HIV and wants to “break the stigma” over the virus.

# diagnosis - Thursday 12 September, 2019

Irish cancer survival rates jump among wealthy nations - but ovarian cancer remains a concern

The results of a major study of 3.9 million cases of cancer across seven counties were published today.

# diagnosis - Sunday 6 May, 2018

'Mad, loony, mental, psycho or schizo': Behind every mental health diagnosis is a person

It could easily be you who needs someone to start a conversation in the future, writes Nicola Hampson.

# diagnosis - Thursday 29 March, 2018

Around 3,000 cancers diagnosed in hospital emergency departments every year

Over three in every four cases diagnosed in emergency departments are at an advanced stage.

# diagnosis - Tuesday 6 March, 2018

'I'm devastated': DJ Gareth O'Callaghan reveals he has Parkinson's disease

Gareth O’Callaghan currently presents a radio show on 4FM.

# diagnosis - Saturday 27 January, 2018

Patients with 'invisible' chronic pain and fatigue illnesses still fighting for recognition

Campaigners told TDs this week that they need a review of these conditions in Ireland so they are recognised and so that patients can access proper treatment and supports.

# diagnosis - Tuesday 7 November, 2017

'We are facing into a cancer epidemic': More people are surviving, but diagnoses continue to rise Ageing Population This post contains videos

'We are facing into a cancer epidemic': More people are surviving, but diagnoses continue to rise

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in both women and men.

# diagnosis - Sunday 21 May, 2017

'Once you start talking, it's hard to stop, and suddenly people are avoiding you, their cancer friend'

It’s been three weeks since I was diagnosed with stage one Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, writes Áine O’Connell.

# diagnosis - Sunday 16 October, 2016

"There's a lot of shame around it too, people go 'Ah, that's a fake condition'" - Living with adult ADHD

Lisa Dalton was recently diagnosed with the condition and has found it tough to get proper support.

# diagnosis - Thursday 19 May, 2016

'Why am I on anti-depressants? Because I suffer from depression'

‘We’ve come on in leaps and bounds when it comes to conversations around mental health but we are still so ANTI antidepressants, it’s depressing,” writes Rosemary MacCabe.

# diagnosis - Friday 11 March, 2016

"You're told you have bowel cancer and you just kind of go into a daze at that point"

Andrew Jones was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2013. He fought hard to beat it.

# diagnosis - Thursday 4 February, 2016

Peter Mathews has been diagnosed with cancer

The independent TD said he still intends to contest the general election.

# diagnosis - Tuesday 24 November, 2015

'I was devastated at receiving a diagnosis for a condition that has no cure'

Geraldine O’Neill was diagnosed with post-polio syndrome in 2002. It’s a condition that not many people know about.

# diagnosis - Saturday 5 September, 2015

This 73 year old is 'jumping out of a plane' for his 'magnificent grandson'

Alfie’s Army are heading for the skies to raise money for their little man.

# diagnosis - Tuesday 28 July, 2015

St James's Hospital to start testing all Emergency Department patients for HIV

It is hoped that as well as detecting new cases, people bring previously diagnosed patients back into care.

# diagnosis - Monday 13 July, 2015

From The42 Ivan Basso pulls out of Tour de France after testicular cancer diagnosis Diagnosis

Ivan Basso pulls out of Tour de France after testicular cancer diagnosis

The former Giro champ revealed the news today.

# diagnosis - Sunday 21 June, 2015

'It means everything to me': Temple Street dads on their love for their kids Watch This post contains videos

'It means everything to me': Temple Street dads on their love for their kids

They shared their stories with us.

# diagnosis - Wednesday 27 May, 2015

'My vision blurred, like there was rain on the windscreen, but it wasn't raining'

Lucina Russell was diagnosed with MS in 2011. Here she explains why she is hopeful for her future.

# diagnosis - Wednesday 17 September, 2014

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford diagnosed with rare and aggressive cancer

Ford had been admitted to hospital last week.

# diagnosis - Wednesday 10 September, 2014

76-year-old woman diagnosed with cystic fibrosis is Ireland's oldest ever case

The woman is the oldest ever first presentation of the condition in Ireland.

# diagnosis - Sunday 18 May, 2014

Man diagnosed with advanced cancer - then finds out his mortgage insurance was mis-sold

The man is waiting to hear if he will get mortgage insurance and fears that he may end up in financial trouble.

# diagnosis - Sunday 13 April, 2014

Parents of kids with 'hidden' disability "fighting" for support since diagnosis

One child was so distressed that he talked about killing himself – now he is in a specialist language unit and more confident, his mother said.

# diagnosis - Wednesday 19 February, 2014

Here's how a radioactive injection could be avoided when assessing cancer in children

Initial trials of the MRI scanning technique has shown similar results to PET/CT, without using a radioactive injection.

# diagnosis - Tuesday 18 February, 2014

New way to avoid risky biopsies in diagnosis of deadly lung disease

Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis kills as many people as breast cancer does every year in the United States.

# diagnosis - Tuesday 4 February, 2014

There will be 60 per cent more cases of cancer by 2030, UN warns

The United Nations report highlights a regional imbalance in the rise, as well as a link to sales drives by tobacco companies.

# diagnosis - Wednesday 18 December, 2013

Test made in Longford can help docs spot if you're having a heart attack

New tool could reduce time to diagnosis of a cardiac event – and is especially helpful in women.

# diagnosis - Thursday 28 November, 2013

New rapid response prostate clinic launches in Cork

Although it will be a private clinic, it will be included in a new prostate cancer research study and will contribute to a national database of treatment outcomes.

# diagnosis - Sunday 24 November, 2013

Vinnie Jones and wife Tanya both being treated for skin cancer

The news comes just days after actor Hugh Jackman announced that he was found to have basal cell carcinoma on his nose.

# diagnosis - Saturday 23 November, 2013

Column: ‘I was a regular teen who has unfortunately dealt a harder life than most’

Niamh n Ruarí was diagnosed with a disease that affects one in every 200,000 people, but is determined to re-educate society on the perceptions they have of those who are physically less fortunate.

# diagnosis - Monday 9 September, 2013

Mayo General to review almost 13,000 cancer tests conducted on recalled kits

The kits, used as part of the early detection process to find out if patients have prostate cancer, were in use at the hospital between July 2012 and June this year.

# diagnosis - Wednesday 12 June, 2013

Column: Mental health is not determined by brain function alone

The latest version of the “psychiatrists’ bible” has been published, containing new additions to the list of mental health disorders. But the influence of such biomedical classification systems in the treatment of mental health is too great, writes Derek Chambers.

# diagnosis - Friday 10 May, 2013

Delays of up to 10 years in diagnosing bipolar disorder

New evidence suggests that many people diagnosed with depression may actually live with bipolar disorder, a misdiagnosis that can be a major problem.

# diagnosis - Wednesday 5 December, 2012

Pilot study says dogs can sniff out lung cancer

The results of the study were so encouraging that a two year study, ten times larger will now take place.

# diagnosis - Tuesday 30 October, 2012

Breast cancer screening "reduces deaths, but over-diagnoses"

Experts say that in some cases, women are diagnosed with tumours that would have remained undetected for the rest of their lives and which they would not have died from.

# diagnosis - Sunday 28 October, 2012

Column: Once cancer has touched your life, nothing will ever be the same

Breast cancer survivor Marie Ennis-O’Connor says living past cancer is more complicated than simply being disease free.

# diagnosis - Thursday 4 October, 2012

From The Daily Edge “On cloud 9″: Ill mum’s joy after internet ‘brings Ireland’ to her Cloud 9

“On cloud 9″: Ill mum’s joy after internet ‘brings Ireland’ to her

Members of an online community rallied around when one of them wanted to “bring Ireland” to his mum who has cancer.

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