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#Death Row

# death-row - Saturday 21 December, 2019

Pakistani professor sentenced to death for blasphemy

Junaid Hafeez was arrested in 2013 for allegedly posting derogatory remarks against Prophet Mohammed online.

# death-row - Wednesday 11 September, 2019

Man (37) who was convicted of two murders executed in Texas jail

In his last words, Mark Soliz apologised “for the grief and the pain that I caused”.

# death-row - Wednesday 13 March, 2019

Temporary reprieve for more than 700 death row inmates as California suspends executions

The west-coast state hasn’t carried out an execution since 2006, but 25 inmates have exhausted all of their appeals.

# death-row - Thursday 6 December, 2018

Death row inmate chooses electric chair over lethal injection, second inmate to do so in last two months

Both David Earl Miller and Edmund Zagorski before him chose the electric chair over lethal injection.

# death-row - Wednesday 7 November, 2018

Pakistani Christian woman who was sentenced to death for blasphemy, freed from jail

The country’s highest court last week overturned Bibi’s conviction and ordered her release

# death-row - Friday 2 November, 2018

Man put to death by electric chair in Tennessee after last minute appeal denied

Zagorski was sentenced to death for the 1983 murders of two men.

# death-row - Wednesday 15 August, 2018

Man executed in Nebraska prison using untested lethal injection

Carey Dean Moore received a lethal concoction containing diazepam, fentanyl and potassium chloride.

# death-row - Monday 26 February, 2018

'Botched' execution in Alabama amounted to 'torture', lawyer claims

No vein could be found to administer the lethal injection to 61-year-old Doyle Hamm.

# death-row - Saturday 20 January, 2018

'I can feel that': First US inmate executed in 2018 claimed drug used to kill him 'burned'

Anthony Shore was put to death for raping, torturing and murdering three girls in the 1980s and 1990s.

# death-row - Wednesday 15 November, 2017

US death row inmate to get pillow to help him breathe during execution

Alva Campbell was sentenced to death for gunning down a teenager he held hostage.

# death-row - Thursday 25 May, 2017

A US prisoner will face the death penalty tonight - for the eighth time

Tommy Arthur was first sentenced to death back in 1983 for a murder he denies committing.

# death-row - Saturday 29 April, 2017

Arkansas struggling to get more lethal injection drugs

The state’s remaining supply of one of the drugs runs out tomorrow.

# death-row - Thursday 20 April, 2017

Another death row inmate's life spared in Arkansas

Actor Johnny Depp has been one of thousands of protesters to demonstrate against capital punishment.

# death-row - Monday 17 April, 2017

State of Arkansas to fight for permission to go ahead with 8 executions in 11 days

A federal judge issued stays for each of the inmates on Saturday.

# death-row - Saturday 25 March, 2017

US state plans to put eight men to death over 10-day period

Arkansas says the unprecedented timetable is necessary because one of the ingredients in the lethal injection will soon expire.

# death-row - Wednesday 3 February, 2016

Georgia has just executed its oldest death row inmate Lethal Injection This post contains videos

Georgia has just executed its oldest death row inmate

Brandon Astor Jones (72) had been in jail for over 36 years.

# death-row - Wednesday 18 November, 2015

Man on death row barred from having a six-pack of beer with his last meal

“His request was declined as alcohol is a contraband item…”

# death-row - Monday 21 September, 2015

Man who became paralysed in jail to be executed tomorrow, despite maintaining his innocence

Amnesty International is calling for the scheduled hanging to be stopped.

# death-row - Wednesday 16 September, 2015

This man's execution has been put on hold at the last minute as new evidence emerges

The court said it granted the request “in order for this court to give fair consideration” to his claims.

# death-row - Wednesday 2 September, 2015

Man executed for raping and killing teenage girl 26 years ago

His victim was just 15 years old when she was murdered.

# death-row - Thursday 6 August, 2015

Susan Sarandon is trying to save this man from the death penalty. Here's why...

Richard Glossip was convicted of murder after the man who confessed to the crime claimed Glossip hired him to do it.

# death-row - Sunday 7 June, 2015

Brothers wrongfully convicted for killing little girl 'want a normal life' after 30 years behind bars

The brothers are trying to come to terms with the changes that occurred in the outside world while they were on death row.

# death-row - Thursday 4 June, 2015

Two men on death row wrongfully convicted of killing little girl to get just $750k

New DNA evidence proved the two men were not guilty of the murder in 1983. They spent three decades in prison.

# death-row - Thursday 30 April, 2015

Irish priest says man executed in Indonesia 'had no idea he was on death row'

“When we said your death sentence will be implemented, he said, ‘What death sentence? I will not be sentenced to death.’”

# death-row - Saturday 4 April, 2015

After 30 years on death row, Alabama man Anthony Ray Hinton walks free

“They had every intention of executing me for something I didn’t do … I shouldn’t have sat on death row for 30 years.”

# death-row - Tuesday 3 March, 2015

Woman's execution delayed because of problems with the lethal injection

Kelly Gissendaner was due to be put to death last night.

# death-row - Sunday 17 August, 2014

Working to exonerate innocent people in American prisons

There are 2.2 million people in America’s prisons – and the Innocence Project works to free those who shouldn’t be there.

# death-row - Saturday 3 May, 2014

Rory Gallagher, Death Row, and the 1916 Rising: The week in numbers

Plus: How many bananas come into Ireland every week?

# death-row - Thursday 24 April, 2014

The first 'double execution' in the US for 14 years will be carried out on Tuesday

The move comes as a court ruled that Clayton Lockett and Charles Warner are not entitled to know the source of the drugs that will be used to kill them.

# death-row - Wednesday 12 March, 2014

Man freed from Death Row after 26 years as judge rules he was innocent

The 64-year-old was freed following new information which showed he was not present at the murder he was accused of.

# death-row - Tuesday 14 January, 2014

These nine dogs have less than 48 hours to live if they can't be re-homed Death Row This post contains images

These nine dogs have less than 48 hours to live if they can't be re-homed

The unwanted dogs at Monaghan Pound are just one example of the problem across the country, which became particularly worrying around Christmas time.

# death-row - Wednesday 28 August, 2013

Acquitted death-row inmate to inspire Irish teenagers with his "story of hope"

Kerry Max Cook, who spent 22 years in prison until he was proven innocent, will share his story with youth outreach movement Soar tomorrow night.

# death-row - Monday 15 July, 2013

Here’s What Happened Today: Monday

Everyone’s talking about the shooting in south Dublin, David Norris’s potty mouth and garda recruitment.

# death-row - Saturday 13 July, 2013

Japanese man nears half century on death row

Questions emerging over guilt of world’s longest-serving condemned inmate.

# death-row - Thursday 13 June, 2013

Column: Ending the death penalty – a view from Texas

Former inmates are among those gathering to fight capital punishment at a world congress event that begins today, but Kirstin Houle from Texas says theirs is a daily struggle they know they will win.

# death-row - Wednesday 12 June, 2013

Former death row inmates fight capital punishment

The World Congress against the death penalty opens today in Madrid, and some former inmates spoke about their thoughts on the issue.

# death-row - Saturday 8 December, 2012

Write for Rights: The story of Chiou Ho-Shun Human Rights This post contains videos

Write for Rights: The story of Chiou Ho-Shun

Taiwanese man wrongfully on death row is one of 12 the human rights abuse cases that Amnesty International wants to highlight – and get help with – before 2012 is out.

# death-row - Wednesday 7 November, 2012

US man refers to 'very close race' for presidency just before execution

Oklahoma executed a convicted murderer who referenced the presidential race in his final words last night.

# death-row - Wednesday 10 October, 2012

Petitions in three Irish cities to mark World Death Penalty Day

Amnesty International Ireland will collect signatures hoping to prevent the execution of Anthony Haynes in Texas this month.

# death-row - Monday 17 September, 2012

Man who weighs over 34 stone says he's too obese to be executed

Ohio death row inmate Ronald Post shot and killed a hotel clerk in northern Ohio almost 30 years ago.

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