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Japanese man nears half century on death row
Prosecutor may seek death penalty in US kidnap case
Man who killed girlfriend's baby in sex assault looking for mercy
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Fort Hood army shooter loses bid to avoid death penalty
At least 22 dead following clashes in Egypt over football riot verdicts
Egypt: 21 people sentenced to death over Port Said football disaster
Indian panel recommends tougher sex crime sentences
Delhi gang-rape suspects to be charged in court
Indian gang-rape victim recounts ordeal
Labour LGBT: Ugandan 'kill the gays' bill must be stopped
Petitions in three Irish cities to mark World Death Penalty Day
Muslims accused of blasphemy after attack on Hindu temple in Pakistan
Death penalty confirmed for sole surviving Mumbai attacks gunman
Texas executes convicted killer despite claims of low IQ
Colorado shooting suspect charged with 24 counts of murder
Iran to execute four people convicted over major bank fraud
Death row prisoner given reprieve two hours before execution
Poll: Do you agree with the death penalty?
Californians to vote on measure to abolish death penalty
Gaza executions 'unlawful' says UN
China is the world's 'number one executioner' - Amnesty report
Belarus executes men convicted of subway bombing
Controversial anti-gay bill reintroduced to Ugandan parliament
Woman beheaded in Saudi Arabia for 'sorcery'
South African woman executed in China
Ohio executes man who killed three sleeping sons
Iranian pastor "faces death sentence for rape"
'Don't let me die in vain': Executed Troy Davis remembered at memorial
Troy Davis executed by lethal injection
Troy Davis' final appeal denied, execution to go ahead
Texas execution halted, questions about role of race in sentencing
British MPs may debate death penalty reintroduction
Calls for India to cancel first hangings since 2004
Denmark to lobby US states over use of drugs for death penalty
Death penalty abolished in Illinois
Pakistan urged to drop blasphemy charges against 17 year old