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#Dáil Reform

# dail-reform - Friday 31 July, 2020

Explainer: What was the argument on Dáil speaking time all about?

Before last night, speaking rights were assigned equally during the first round of a debate after Dáil reform in 2016.

# dail-reform - Tuesday 19 April, 2016

These are the other talks going on that you probably haven't heard much about

While government formation talks have been ongoing, another group are actually making a lot of progress.

# dail-reform - Monday 22 December, 2014

Enda: 'If there's no structure to get cattle into the ring then you have a fight every morning' Moo

# dail-reform - Saturday 6 December, 2014

Fine Gael TD: Why I got really pissed off at the government The High Table Interview This post contains videos

Fine Gael TD: Why I got really pissed off at the government

Eoghan Muphy talked parliamentary reform in a wide-ranging interview with this week.

# dail-reform - Friday 18 April, 2014

There will be no change to the 'ludicrous situation' where absent TDs means unanswered questions Political Reform This post contains videos

There will be no change to the 'ludicrous situation' where absent TDs means unanswered questions

TDs have complained that there is a false impression being created that politicians are not at work because they are absent from the Dáil chamber.

# dail-reform - Tuesday 15 April, 2014

# dail-reform - Sunday 16 March, 2014

Chancer, scoundrel, handbagging and other words you're not allowed say in the Dáil

Following a number of recent uses of ‘unparliamentary language’, we take a look at what else you can’t say…

# dail-reform - Tuesday 11 March, 2014

'Two weeks of backslapping is really over the top and it's quite unprecedented'

The government has admitted that legislation is not ready to come before the house as the Dáil again spends several hours this week debating the government’s priorities for the year ahead.

# dail-reform - Sunday 2 February, 2014

Convention favours Ceann Comhairle secret ballot and change to whip system

More than 60 per cent of members also supported the introduction of ‘family-friendly’ hours for TDs.

# dail-reform - Saturday 1 February, 2014

Middle East and African politicians to learn from Constitutional Convention

The Constitutional Convention will discuss Dáil reform this weekend.

# dail-reform - Wednesday 29 January, 2014

Sinn Féin wants seven-seat Dáil constituencies and use of PPS numbers for electoral register

The party has outlined a set of radical political reforms which will have little chance of being implemented by the current government.

# dail-reform - Wednesday 15 January, 2014

TDs will be allowed to register their abstention on Dáil votes

Rather than vote Yes or No, a deputy will be able to officially abstain from a vote on a piece of legislation or a motion under changes likely to be implemented later this year.

'The elephant in the room': Government's Dáil reforms do little to appease opposition

It’s no surprise that the opposition doesn’t think the government has done enough Dáil reform, but TDs think that even some changes that have been introduced aren’t working.

# dail-reform - Tuesday 14 January, 2014

Committee chairs have 'serious concerns' over workload and say they need more staff

A letter from the chairpersons of the Oireachtas committees to the Ceann Comhairle has raised “serious concerns” about the workloads faced in 2014 as a result of the plans to scrutinise legislation before it comes before the Dáil.

# dail-reform - Saturday 7 December, 2013

Absent TDs and unanswered questions leave Micheál Martin criticising Dáil reforms

Changes to the question time have been criticised but the government chief whip has defended the new format following near-farcical scenes in the chamber on Thursday.

# dail-reform - Friday 22 November, 2013

Leo Varadkar: The government has too much control over the Dáil

The Transport Minister was frank about the government’s control of the legislature in the Dáil this afternoon.

# dail-reform - Tuesday 5 November, 2013

TDs will sit earlier and for longer from this week

Under changes taking effect this week Leaders’ Questions move to midday on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

# dail-reform - Wednesday 9 October, 2013

"One cannot have instability": Taoiseach rules out loosening the party whip

Fine Gael backbenchers quizzed the Taoiseach on political reform in the Dáil last night.

# dail-reform - Sunday 6 October, 2013

Reform Alliance seeks debate and wants directly elected Seanad

One of their members Denis Naughten TD also says that “there might have been a different result on Saturday had the Dáil had been reformed first.”

# dail-reform - Friday 13 September, 2013

Here's how the Dáil will pass legislation if the Seanad is abolished

Committees would be radically overhauled and given the task of scrutinising legislation to an even greater degree under the government’s reform plans.

# dail-reform - Thursday 12 September, 2013

'Bogus' and 'populist': The opposition's take on Dáil reform plan

Fianna Fáil, Sinn Féin and the Green Party have rounded on Enda Kenny’s proposals to lengthen Dáil sittings and beef up the pre-legislative processes.

Government pledges that TDs will sit earlier and for longer

The Dáil will start earlier on a Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays than it currently does and Friday sittings will be every two weeks instead of every month as is the case at present under government proposals outlined today.

Government chief whip will look at allowing free votes after next election

Government Chief Whip Paul Kehoe has hinted at possible changes to the strict party whip system as the coalition will today launch its plans for Dáil reform.

# dail-reform - Tuesday 3 September, 2013

What was on Minister Bruton's agenda today? Well, here are his notes

A portion of the Jobs Minister’s notes were caught on camera outside Leinster House today.

# dail-reform - Sunday 4 August, 2013

Fianna Fáil proposes referendum to reduce government control of Dáil agenda

The opposition party released a policy discussion document this week which proposes a raft of reforms to the way the Irish parliament does business.

# dail-reform - Wednesday 19 June, 2013

Fine Gael’s record on Dáil reform is slammed by... Fine Gael’s chairman

Charlie Flanagan says the current weighting of Dáil rules mean the ‘real opposition’ is the government backbenchers.

# dail-reform - Friday 7 June, 2013

Hogan appoints five-member panel to oversee Seanad referendum

The Referendum Commission will be chaired by Justice Elizabeth Dunne, whenever the Oireachtas passes the referendum bill.

# dail-reform - Thursday 6 June, 2013

Explainer: What else will change if we scrap the Seanad?

The formal legislation to change the Constitution and delete the Seanad is out today. So what’s in it?

# dail-reform - Wednesday 5 June, 2013

Government announces Dáil reform plans if Seanad is scrapped

A referendum to overhaul the Oireachtas and abolish the Seanad is planned for early October.

# dail-reform - Sunday 19 May, 2013

The system for electing TDs could be about to face a massive overhaul

The 100-member Constitutional Convention has voted to investigate “an entirely new electoral system” for picking TDs.

# dail-reform - Sunday 21 April, 2013

'Not fit for purpose?' Why the Dáil's party whip system may need reform

The whip system – where TDs must vote with their party position or risk expulsion – is the subject of some debate in political circles but immediate reform, ahead of potentially divisive abortion debate, appears unlikely.

# dail-reform - Thursday 18 April, 2013

Free vote for TDs among radical proposals for Dáil reform

Goverment TDs should be allowed to vote against their party on certain matters under proposals by backbench TD Eoghan Murphy in an internal document circulated among Fine Gael members this week.

# dail-reform - Tuesday 12 March, 2013

Oireachtas agenda: Criminal records, job creation and childhood poverty

All of that, and the Seanad gets to reform the Dáil… here’s what’s happening today in Leinster House.

# dail-reform - Saturday 14 July, 2012

TGIF: How have the Dáil’s Friday sittings worked out?

As we approach the end of another Dáil term, we’ve been asking the government and the opposition how the much-vaunted sittings of the Dáil on the first Friday of every month have been working out.

# dail-reform - Thursday 21 June, 2012

The 9 at 9: Thursday

Nine things to know this morning…

# dail-reform - Tuesday 19 June, 2012

Overhaul sees number of Oireachtas committees increased

The Programme for Government included a pledge to reduce committee numbers – but the survivors had too much work.

# dail-reform - Wednesday 11 January, 2012

Column: Abolish the Seanad? Here's a better idea to fix our political system

Parish-pump politics is crippling our democracy – so Simon Tuohy offers a radical new proposal to fix the system.

# dail-reform - Friday 22 July, 2011

Dáil votes to give itself more work... after seven weeks' holidays Dáil Reform This post contains a poll

Dáil votes to give itself more work... after seven weeks' holidays

When the Dáil returns on September 14 it will begin work earlier and sit for longer hours under a reformed system.

# dail-reform - Monday 18 July, 2011

Leinster House strikes €300,000 deal for staff night-time taxi service

Leinster House strikes €300,000 deal for staff night-time taxi service

Staff working after 10pm are entitled to take taxis home – but plans for Dáil reform should cut how often they’re used.

# dail-reform - Thursday 6 January, 2011

Labour launches reform policy for parliament and laws

Labour’s ‘New Government, Better Government’ policy outlines plans for whistleblowers’ legislation and Seanad abolition.

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