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How the Cyprus bank closure is crippling business on the island
Cypriot parliament approves first EU bailout measures
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Cyprus parliament to vote on plans to 'armour the banking system'
Eurogroup ready to discuss new Cyprus proposal
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Bank of Cyprus urges bailout deal to save island from ruin
UPDATE: Cyprus to create ‘solidarity fund’
Cyprus president demands bailout decision on Thursday
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Irish Government 'will not be targeting bank deposits like Cyprus'
Brussels: 'It's up to Cyprus to come up with a revised bailout deal'
Cyprus minister: Troika rejects our Plan B, and banks might never re-open
Cyprus turns to Russia for help after MPs reject deposit tax
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Cyprus MPs overwhelmingly reject tax on deposits
British military plane takes €1 million to Cyprus
Cyprus to exempt small savers from deposit tax ahead of crucial vote
Ireland not impacted by Cyprus' bailout deal - Kenny
Poll: Is Cyprus right to tax people's savings?
Cyprus postpones crucial vote on unpopular bailout until Tuesday
Cypriot president: Bank deposits levy the 'least painful option'
Cyprus may call extra bank holiday to get time to pass unpopular bailout deal
Bank deposits hit as EU/IMF bailout for Cyprus agreed
Eurozone finance ministers consider Cyprus bailout
Cyprus holds presidential election following heated campaign
Cyprus close to deal on becoming fourth bailed-out Eurozone country
VIDEO: Ugly scenes as exploding flare is thrown at injured player in Cyprus
Noonan confident about bank debt deal
European-wide bank supervision plans ruled out by Sweden
Quest for bank debt deal to continue at Cyprus ministers' meeting
Ireland will 'probably fail' to get bank debt deal by October - Bloomberg
Michael Noonan set to meet with EU finance ministers