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18th February 2024 - 24th February 2024
Here's what the most popular baby names were in Ireland in 2023
House prices are now higher than the peak of the Celtic Tiger boom in 2007
This month
February 2024
Air fryers, e-cigarettes and oat milk: Here's how the consumer 'basket of goods' has changed
Last month
January 2024
The number of people aged over 60 getting married has more than doubled in the last 10 years
Nearly 33,000 homes delivered last year, uncertainty remains over social and affordable targets
Last year
Majority of the top 1% of Irish earners in 2022 were male, according to new CSO research
Analysis: Suspicions grow that government schemes are pumping up new build house prices
Govt warned house prices will continue to rise if supply isn't met as prices increase 1.4%
New CSO research indicates many emigrating nurses and doctors return
Dispute over regulator's figures for unregistered landlord complaints
Close to four in 10 housing completions in last quarter were apartments
CSO lifts quality concern status from garda crime statistics after review
Number of bus journeys in Dublin and outside capital continue to exceed pre-pandemic figures
Older people more likely to believe women 'make up or exaggerate reports of rape', study finds
Last year 8% of young adults had their sexual images or videos shared without consent
Over 64,000 people emigrated from Ireland in year to April 2023
Number of murders 'nearly doubled' in Ireland year-on-year, new statistics show
Property prices continue to rise, with the average house price now at €320,000
CSO: Nearly one in five CEOs in Ireland are women
Debunked: Conspiracy site Infowars used fake claims about Ireland as evidence of 'white genocide'
Inflation in Ireland rises to 6.3%, new CSO figures show
Census 2022: Over half a million adults living with parents
Consumer prices in Ireland estimated to have increased by close to 5% in the year to August
Employment rate in Ireland at highest level since records began in 1998
Wholesale electricity costs fall to lowest point in two years
House prices falling in Dublin but rising in the rest of the country
Dublin city crime: statistics indicate return to pre-pandemic incidence of assault
66% of young adults who disclosed an experience of sexual violence told a friend first
Price growth slowed in July to 4.6% while the Irish economy grew by 3.3% in Q2
Number of pensioners renting from private landlords has doubled since 2011
Growth in house prices in Ireland slows to an average of 2.4%
Imports from Great Britain to Ireland fall by 34% in a year
Contractors on public works projects to be better protected by state from inflation
As population breaks 5.1 million, only five Leinster counties grow in size, Census data shows
Drop in fraud crimes but significant increase in thefts, according to latest CSO figures
Wholesale electricity prices drop 26.6% in year, but consumers still mightn't see decrease in bills yet
Data centres consumed 31% more electricity last year compared to 2021
Electricity consumption by the data centre sector rose by 31% between 2021 and 2022
Data centres used as much electricity as all urban dwellings combined last year
Electricity consumption in the industry has gone up by 400% since the beginning of 2015
Irish economy falls 4.6% in the first quarter of 2023, more than estimated by CSO
Agriculture accounted for almost 40% of greenhouse gas emissions in 2020
Monthly unemployment reaches all-time low of 3.8%