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Court refuses legal aid for six people linked to Kinahan crime gang
Criminal Assets Bureau raid motor dealerships and homes in Dublin
CAB wants to sell €500k-worth of assets 'linked to Kinahan cartel'
The Criminal Assets Bureau says it's now ready to sell John Gilligan's former houses
CAB returns just under €30 million to taxpayer in four years
Computers and documents seized in 10 raids on Carlow crime group
Criminal Assets Bureau returned €185,000 in dole overpayments to the State in 2015
A man has been arrested in Spain over the murder of Gary Hutch
Tough new laws will target drug dealers' cash and allow for closer electronic surveillance
'One Veronica Guerin, her murder, her sacrifice, should be enough'
Two women charged as part of organised crime crackdown
Luxury cars and €30k in cash seized in crackdown targeting Kinahan cartel
'People are doing extremely well without any income': Call for mini-CAB to tackle smaller drug dealers
Here's how much money was seized from criminals last year
Two raids and four arrests as gardaí investigate money laundering in Cork
Criminal gang crackdown continues in Waterford with four more arrests
Waterford crime raids targeted documents rather than guns or drugs
Criminal Assets Bureau to sell this Rolex watch on eBay
The Criminal Assets Bureau returned €7.2 million to the Exchequer in 2012
Man arrested over €4 million investment fraud investigation
Eleven arrests in Co. Clare as gardaí probe illegal money lending
The Criminal Assets Bureau has a really good rating on eBay
CAB searching former McFeely mansion after €200,000 cash discovery
Four arrested as nine million cigarettes seized in Louth
Gilligan's Kildare estate up for sale - and could fetch €500k
High Court judge Mr Justice Kevin Feeney dies suddenly aged 61
Children's Ombudsman gains power to oversee 180 new state bodies
Government gets €2.7 million in cash recouped from criminals
The Evening Fix… now with added how Indiana Jones should have ended
Gang members have 25 bank accounts frozen
Third man arrested over criminal investigation into Dublin car dealerships
Shatter to use presidency to lobby for CAB equivalents across EU
PHOTOS: John Gilligan's equestrian centre to be sold by CAB
Childers calls on Fianna Fáil to make complaint to Gardaí over Flynn payment
No information sought from Fianna Fáil over Flynn payment
Fine Gael chair says Mahon could chair 'anti-corruption commission'
Criminal Assets Bureau takings now over €133million
Two people released in cross-border fuel laundering probe