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10% of people who tested positive for Covid yesterday were vaccinated
Northern Ireland Chief Scientific Officer ‘very concerned’ at Covid vaccine rates
'We're on our way to Bordeaux': Thousands pass through Irish airports as restrictions are lifted
What exactly is happening with Delta in the UK - and what can Ireland learn from it?
Canada set to reopen to all vaccinated visitors in September
Covid vaccine portal will open for people aged 25-29 tomorrow
French police fire tear gas as thousands protest against Covid vaccine rules
Coronavirus: 600 new cases confirmed in Ireland
Coronavirus: 576 new cases confirmed in Ireland
EU hits goal of delivering vaccines for 70% of adults, says von der Leyen
Over 55% of Irish adults now fully vaccinated against Covid as 275,000 doses given this week
Coronavirus: 631 new cases confirmed in Ireland
Govt to issue 1.9 million digital certs Monday but they won't be compulsory for travel, says Minister
Delta variant to 'outmatch' Ireland's supply of Covid-19 vaccines in coming weeks
Coronavirus: 581 new cases confirmed in Ireland, highest count in two months
Dr Mike Ryan: 'We're underestimating the tsunami of mental health issues emerging'
Vaccine registration for people aged 30 to 34 brought forward to tomorrow
Festivals, football and foreign travel: how successful have large-scale test events been in Europe?
Several pilot events across Europe have had encouraging results, Michelle Hennessy reports.
But the WHO is concerned in particular about how Euro 2020 socialising will impact on transmission.
Covid-19 infection rate in Ireland's worst-hit area is six times higher than national level
Boris Johnson to restore freedoms as he tells public to ‘learn to live’ with Covid-19
Ireland's Covid-19 death toll reaches 5,000 as health officials confirm 448 new cases
Maternity partner restrictions raised again in Dáil as Taoiseach told all units compliant
De Gascun: Delta variant will 'almost certainly' be dominant in Ireland by mid-July
Coronavirus: 351 new cases confirmed in Ireland
Coronavirus: 305 new cases confirmed in Ireland
Coronavirus: 288 new cases confirmed in Ireland
Reader Q&A: Vaccine registration is open today for people aged 35-39
The HSE is expecting to move at a slower pace through this age cohort, Michelle Hennessy reports.
The supply line will switch to just two vaccines - Pfizer and Moderna - in July.
Pregnant women in this cohort should still discuss the vaccine with their obstetric care-giver before registering.
Belgium bans British travellers over Delta variant concerns
Third pandemic wave hits as Brazil passes half million covid deaths
Covid-19: The variant is surging in England - so how is Ireland managing to keep Delta at bay?
London stadiums transformed into giant Covid jab clinics on ‘super Saturday’
Moscow hospitals flooded with Covid patients as city reports record highs
Coronavirus: 393 new cases confirmed in Ireland
People in 20s to get first Covid jabs in late August or early September
Canada removed from Mandatory Hotel Quarantine list, hospitalisations continue to fall
Reader Q&A: What do you want to know about the vaccine roll-out to the 35-39 age cohort?
Coronavirus: 283 new cases confirmed in Ireland
Irish scientists identify how some Covid patients develop life-threatening blood clots
Coronavirus: 315 new cases confirmed in Ireland
Explainer: What does the EU Covid Cert mean for travel this summer?