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Parents of Charlie Gard to bring 'new evidence' to court in bid for US treatment
Cardinal Pell returns to Australia to face abuse charges
Northern Ireland court overturns ruling that abortion laws are in breach of human rights law
Bungee instructor's poor English 'led to Dutch teen jumping off bridge unsecured'
'This wasn't about him not getting a game': Father denies son getting dropped a factor in court case
Denis O'Brien to take his time pondering an appeal after 'disappointing' court ruling
'I'm still heartbroken': Woman who lost partner and friend in horrific crash in 'substantial' debt
Blogger awarded £24k in damages after suing Katie Hopkins for defamation
Judge hits out at people who let 'dangerous dogs' roam around off-lead and un-muzzled
British songwriter accuses U2 of ripping off his song
'Nothing will ever remove our grief for the life Sadhbh lost': Settlement reached in brain damage case
Catholic group fails to shut down 'immoral' infidelity dating site
Syrian refugee sues Facebook Ireland Ltd over defamatory photos
Former manager admits to stealing €4.5 million from singer Alanis Morissette
Rolf Harris 'groped blind, disabled woman', court hears
Irish Independent takes legal action against over plagiarism claims
Mother allegedly gave daughter toxic level of sedative, court hears
University dean awarded €2.7m over false Rolling Stone rape story
Psychologist says killing was not part of British banker's sadistic fantasy
Taylor Swift donates $250k to help Kesha's 'financial needs'
Mass murderer Anders Breivik taking case against state over prison conditions
Woman with Down syndrome could not consent to sex, court told
'My childhood was like a war zone': Daughter says father's abuse ruined her life
Landlady "killed in row over the number of baths lodger had"
Snowden leaks provided momentum to bring us to this crucial point in data protection
Woman tells court how she stuck knife into partner during fight
Man who attacked two people on a Dublin Bus told victim: "I'm going to kill you"
Nun portrayed in Dead Man Walking movie says Boston bomber is remorseful
Gamblers in Vegas are suing Manny Pacquiao for not revealing his shoulder injury
AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd pleads guilty to threat to kill
Robin Williams' family fight over his Oscar - but don't want to go to court
The messy legal battle for who actually owns Oskar Schindler's lists
On the 19th: Legal dispute between Rory McIlroy and Horizon settled out of court
"I am a symphysiotomy survivor. I am glad it's all over"
Christmas is not an excuse for delays: State told to find teenage girl in care a place to live
On this day in 1945, Hitler's henchmen faced the Nuremberg trial
High Court rules direct provision does not breach human rights
Lydia Foy settles transgender birth cert case against the State
Why have there been no prosecutions for female genital mutilation in Ireland?
Cost order to challengers of Children's Referendum could be breach of rights