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January 2024
Record corporation tax returns last year, as McGrath forecasts improved living standards in 2024
Last year
Corporation tax receipts fall by €1 billion in October, declining for a third consecutive month
Corporation tax receipts fall to €1.8 billion in September, exchequer returns show
'Hard choices need to be made': Large budget package would be a mistake says Fiscal Council
Minister says €1 billion drop in corporation tax highlights ‘vulnerabilities’ in public finances
Why the government is set to break its own budget rules for the second year in-a-row
IFAC: One-third of corporation tax income from past five years came from just three companies
Ireland may join the likes of Norway and Saudi Arabia as sovereign wealth fund considered
Government has cash at its disposal ahead of Budget 2024 with €16bn surplus for next year
Corporation tax up 71% in the first quarter of 2023 - but half of it is 'unlikely to be permanent'
15% corporation tax rate for large multinationals to be introduced from next January
All time
Bumper €5 billion worth of corporation tax collected in November as Donohoe urges caution
Exchequer surplus of €7.3 billion recorded in year to the end of October
The Explainer: What type of tax system does Ireland have?
Govt raise concerns about corporate tax volatility as receipts double in last five years
Irish corporation tax revenues set to decline from 2023 onwards, says Donohoe
Explainer: Why is Ireland about to raise its corporation tax rate from 12.5% to 15%?
After months of negotiating, the Government is expected to sign Ireland up to a new 15% global minimum rate of corporation tax.
There is considerable uncertainty about what the changes will mean for the Irish economy and public finances.
But it could be 2023 or 2024 by the time the new rules are actually implemented.
Phrase 'at least' being removed from draft OECD tax deal
Leo Varadkar's claims on corporation tax changes challenged
Macron says France 'not putting pressure' on Ireland over corporation tax rate
Amid pressure on Ireland, Donohoe 'won't speculate' on future position on corporation tax
Under pressure to commit Ireland to corporation tax hike, Donohoe meets with US Treasury secretary Yellen
Ireland is holding out on the historic global deal on corporate tax. Why? And at what cost?
Poll: Should Ireland increase its corporate tax rate?
G7 countries move closer to 15% corporation tax plan as Finance Minister defends Ireland's 12.5% rate
Multinationals now have to declare how much tax they pay in each EU country, under new tax rules
Ireland's budgetary watchdog barks over 'large, permanent increases' in government spending
Higher, more progressive taxes could be needed to fund future government spending, says ESRI
'A 30-year race to the bottom': Why might the Biden global tax plan spell trouble for Ireland's entire economic model?
The Biden administration has recommitted the US to global tax reform talks.
American wants a 21% global minimum rate of corporation tax.
Ireland's famous 12.5% rate looks likely to come under severe pressure.
Pandemic 'solidarity tax' on wealthy individuals or companies is on the table, says IMF
Biden administration could 'heighten' US engagement on global tax reform, says Paschal Donohoe
'A bad day for the taxpayer': Opposition TDs accuse government of 'throwing away' Apple's €13 billion
Ireland's corporation tax receipts set to take a hit under new rules and fall by up to €2bn
Using 'volatile' corporate tax receipts to plug spending overruns may be unsustainable, watchdog warns
The global tax world is shifting and it might not be good news for Ireland - what comes next?
Ireland's corporation tax revenue may not prove 'sustainable', warn Central Bank economists
Question: Do you want Ireland to maintain its current corporation tax regime?
Corporate tax reliance leaves us 'highly vulnerable to the relocation of even one large company'
Ministers told corporation tax windfall will not be used in next week's Budget
Taoiseach raised Trump's 'fake news' Irish corporate tax comment with acting US ambassador