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Hong Kong morgues running out of space amid Omicron surge
Coronavirus: 16,019 new cases and 1,047 patients in hospital, including 42 in ICU
Nearly 30 million people under lockdown in China as Covid-19 cases surge
Coronavirus: 11,975 new PCR confirmed-cases and 19,915 positive antigen tests reported since Friday
Coronavirus: 15,938 new cases and 907 patients in hospital, including 37 in ICU
China locks down city of nine million amid new spike in Covid-19 cases
Simon Harris has tested positive for Covid-19
Global Covid death toll ‘may be more than three times higher than recorded’
Coronavirus: 11,682 new cases and 887 patients in hospital, including 41 in ICU
The new Covid antibody and antiviral treatments currently (or imminently) available in Ireland
Coronavirus: 9,070 new cases and 829 patients in hospital, including 51 in ICU
Austria suspends law making Covid vaccines mandatory for all adults
Coronavirus: 11,380 new cases, with 803 people in hospital and 51 in ICU
Dublin's Gresham Hotel ordered to pay out €500 to 'humiliated' man over Covid mask incident
Coronavirus: 7,541 new PCR-confirmed cases and 12,311 positive antigen tests reported since Friday
Covid-19 restrictions for people travelling to Ireland to end tomorrow
Coronavirus: 8,337 new cases and 670 patients in hospital, including 43 in ICU
President Higgins and his wife Sabina have tested positive for Covid-19
Coronavirus: 7,694 new cases and 653 patients in hospital, including 46 in ICU
Australian prime minister isolating after testing positive for Covid-19
Coronavirus: 8,071 new cases, with 610 people in hospital and 48 in ICU
Coronavirus: 8,250 new PCR-confirmed cases and 9,608 positive antigen tests reported since Friday
‘Milestone’ day as most Covid-19 restrictions lifted today, including mask-wearing
Coronavirus: 7,724 new cases and 610 in hospital, including 55 in ICU
Coronavirus: 8,058 new cases and 593 patients in hospital, including 54 in ICU
Cabinet agrees to end almost all Covid-19 health measures from next Monday
Coronavirus: 7,354 new cases and 608 patients in hospital, including 54 in ICU
Poll: Will you avoid certain settings when masks are no longer required?
Legal requirement to self-isolate to end in England from Thursday, Johnson announces
Coronavirus: 11,671 new PCR-confirmed cases and 8,515 positive antigen tests reported since Friday
Coalition leaders to discuss changes to mandatory mask-wearing rules
Queen Elizabeth will carry on with ‘light duties’ despite Covid infection, palace says
FactCheck: A claim that Covid -19 vaccines don’t stop transmission of the virus is misleading
CMO says PCR testing 'no longer needed' for most under 55s and suggests concluding NPHET
Coronavirus: 8,593 new cases and 591 patients in hospital, including 57 in ICU
Germany has passed Omicron peak, says health minister
Poll: Will you still wear a face mask when it's no longer mandatory?
Coronavirus: 9,881 new cases and 631 patients in hospital, 108 deaths notified in past week
New Zealand virus cases spike as anti-vaccine protesters claim win
Ending of Covid rules in NI is ‘not freedom day’, chief scientific adviser warns