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February 2024
How Elon Musk has courted Ireland's far-right by taking aim at the government's hate speech laws
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Major analysis shows how Irish disinformation ecosystem has been 'co-opted by far-right actors'
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The 15-minute city: how Ireland's conspiracy theorists grew to fear an urban planning concept
Social media has 'distracted significantly' in Nicola Bulley investigation, say police
All time
Opinion: How conspiracy communities are using predictable tactics to spread falsehoods about RSV
Mysterious Georgia Guidestones monument demolished after being bombed by vandals
Conspiracy website Infowars files for bankruptcy as Alex Jones faces libel lawsuits
'They're not going to go away': Where does Ireland's anti-lockdown movement go next?
Parts of the anti-lockdown movement have shifted their focus since restrictions were eased last week, Stephen McDermott writes.
Sceptics and conspiracy theorists believe the Government announcement precedes a bigger crisis.
Recent events suggest the movement may be becoming more regionalised and attracting smaller numbers.
'Violent rhetoric' within Irish anti-lockdown movement 'should not be underestimated' - report
Opinion: First rule of social media? Don’t engage with The Horrible People
The Explainer: From influencers to QAnon - how misinformation changed in Ireland over the past year
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