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'More censorship': Row in Dáil as TD asks why gardaí spoke to professor over Regina Doherty blog
Fine Gael minister confirms complaint lodged with gardaí against political blogger
Complaint about RTÉ coverage of undercover pregnancy counselling report is rejected
James McClean annoyed by unfit Ireland players who are available 'for the club games at the weekend'
Lucky Man Utd just waited and kicked it long - Ajax captain
Arsenal hurt by 'horrendous' atmosphere - Wenger
Complaint upheld after man is surprised Lidl jumper is only 3% cashmere
Claim George Hook spoke about HPV vaccine in 'ill-informed and irresponsible' manner rejected
Woman subjected to 'grossly offensive comments' on fatal foetal abnormality on 98FM show
Sebastian Coe's evidence 'lacked credibility'
Today FM team given stern talking to about 'weak c**k' comment
Radio show allowed special needs children to be called 'mongos'
Someone made an official complaint over Oliver Callan talking about Thomas Clarke's genitalia
Tesco probably regrets asking this customer to 'elaborate' on his complaint
Complaint upheld against gym over 'epileptic fit' ad
The Sun censured over claim that one in five Muslims support Isis
This Cork man's Brunch ice cream complaint struck a chord on Facebook
Harvey Norman ad that referenced Leaving Cert students with 'sore heads' banned
City councillor lodges complaint over new Starbucks in Dublin
Presenter did not break broadcasting rules with 'c**k socket' comment
One Dublin Bus passenger was angry about drivers urinating in front of his daughter
Vincent Browne's broadcast from The George was one-sided, says complainant
Ronald Koeman was not impressed with Ireland picking Shane Long during the week
'The referee had a terrible night' - Bosnia coach
This Irish guy wrote a puntastic complaint to Cadbury's and got the best response
Mick Wallace 'will not be distracted' by Peter Robinson threat to sue
Complaint that Ireland AM showed condom being put onto model of erect penis
A bacon lover penned this hilariously dramatic rant to Tesco about a missing rasher
Sinn Féin councillor complains to party over Facebook 'bullying'
Is 'jealous little b***h' an acceptable insult to use on radio?
Would you have given up your seat on packed train to this boy's granny?
Corporal punishment to be outlawed in foster care - James Reilly
Barber who refused to cut woman's hair did not discriminate
Welfare Wednesday pub ad could encourage 'immoderate or irresponsible drinking'
Jeremy Clarkson cleared over the use of the word 'pikey' on Top Gear
Lots of people still have complaints about their mortgages
The Gardaí were caught rapid on Twitter last night
RTÉ wrong to describe killing of four boys on Gaza beach as "murder"
Mary Harney is not happy that Mary Lou named her in the Dáil last week
Newstalk presenter condemns "daft and depressing" same-sex marriage ruling