# Collisions

Last year
Man (20s) and woman (80s) die following separate collisions in Co Cork and Co Waterford
Over 900 people have been seriously injured on Irish roads so far this year
All time
Connacht hit a new level of collision success in their close-call against Racing
Over 3,500 people were seriously injured on Irish roads in four-year period
'I like those collisions... Sometimes you go, ‘that’s a good f***ing hit, man’'
13 cars involved in multiple collisions in a hailstorm on the M7 in Tipperary
Eight injured as two trains collide and carriages overturn near Vienna
Fleet commander faces 'sacking' in wake of USS John S McCain collision
'If I felt that I was physically dominated, I'd be wanting to fix that'
Cycling to work is only healthy if the government makes it safe, new study says
Irish Rail tells truckers to 'wise up' after 68 bridge strikes this year
Road deaths for 2015 are the second lowest since records began
133 drivers in fatal crashes were not breathalysed last year
This league player produced some sickening collisions at the weekend
Roads deaths for 2014 have surpassed last year
Shocking crash photo is stark warning of dangers on the roads
An Irishman is no. 1 in Rugby HQ's best-ever 'David v Goliath' clashes
US officials plan to reduce accidents by proposing 'talking-cars' system
"The pain is forever": Wall of Remembrance recalls road victims
Two pedestrians killed following crashes in Meath, Galway
Survey shows men drive faster but women are less confident behind the wheel
Column: Women really ARE better drivers. Insurance should reflect this.
Two men killed in separate road collisions
WATCH: An NFL coach break his leg... while on the sidelines