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Extinction Rebellion ‘to temporarily shift away from public disruption’ tactics
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Demands on government to step up on climate crisis as new action plan takes hold
Over half of Irish Gen Zers want car-free zones in cities and the banning of domestic flights
Number of delayed climate measures snowballs as new Climate Action Plan nears
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'We cannot opt out': Minister defends record as Ireland lags mid-table in climate action report
Hundreds of climate campaigners stage protest at COP27 summit
Activists highlight Ireland’s famine history as they call for climate action
Government leaders fail to reach agreement on agriculture emissions reduction targets
EU Parliament votes down objection to divisive 'sustainable' label for nuclear and gas
Department of Environment reports worst progress on Climate Action Plan of any department
How can citizens take climate action? Avoid long-haul flights and eat less meat, UN experts say
Climate Action Delivery Board scraps requirement for itself to report to Government every quarter
Government announces plans for grants to cover up to 50% of cost for deep home retrofit
Up to 50% of deep retrofitting costs will be covered under the new grant scheme.
Grants of as much as around €25,000 will be offered for private homes to cover half the costs of a deep retrofit.
Clear climate information can strongly affect support for action, Irish study finds
At least five Irish MEPs to oppose contentious 'green' label for gas and nuclear power
Five Irish MEPs will oppose a controversial green label for natural gas and nuclear power, with others still to decide, Lauren Boland reports.
The European Commission proposal would classify gas and nuclear as sustainable investments, which has sparked backlash from anti-nuclear countries.
Ireland's Department of Finance and the Department of the Environment are now considering the draft text.
Ireland missed its overall renewable energy target for 2020
'Critical gaps' between government's climate plans and what it's actually doing - report
Poll: Would you get solar panels for your home?
Climate action benefits are not just environmental, says Ryan
74% of young car owners plan to cut down on trips or switch to electric, poll finds
'It's not nearly enough': Some positives to COP26 deal, but experts say much more is needed
Ryan says Europe faces 'critical moment' as COP26 negotiations continue
Poll: Should Ireland suspend building roads for the climate?
World leaders urged to help negotiators in push for climate deal as COP26 enters final 48 hours
The conference has entered the last 48 hours of scheduled talks – but could overrun.
Yesterday, the UK COP presidency published a first draft of a deal that could be struck in Glasgow.
Eamon Ryan said yesterday the draft deal is "good" but needs more elements added to it.
Draft COP26 pact calls for countries to strengthen climate action in 2022
Coillte decides not to sell forest lands in Wicklow after 'people power wins out'
Negotiations continue at COP26 as focus turns to women’s role in climate fight
Youth activists to march through Glasgow demanding climate action at COP26
Government's much-awaited climate action plan will be published today
Five people arrested as hundreds of activists march in COP26 protests
‘A cold lesson for farmers’: Panelists say agriculture must lower emissions but sector needs support
'Every second of delay makes our task that bit bigger': Taoiseach delivers Irish COP26 address
Dáil hears there are 'no proposals' to cull cattle as 80 countries sign pledge to cut methane
Taoiseach Micheál Martin addressed the COP26 summit this afternoon.
He said earlier that he size of the country’s cattle population should “remain stable”.
Agriculture Minister Charlie McConalogue said a reduction in average slaughter age from 27 months to 24 months would help reduce emissions.
COP26: World leaders sign up to multibillion-dollar pledge to end deforestation by 2030
'Cautiously optimistic': Are Irish people going to COP26 feeling hopeful about the summit?
Eamon Ryan says carbon budget a 'significant milestone' in efforts to tackle climate change
'Failing to act would have grave consequences': Proposed carbon budget charts new climate path
Cop26 climate deal will be harder than Paris, summit president says
Taoiseach says Poland’s challenge of EU’s legal foundations went ‘too far’