# Classified Documents

Last week
25th February 2024 - 2nd March 2024
Federal judge says proposed 8 July date for Trump classified documents trial is 'unrealistic'
Last month
February 2024
Joe Biden ‘wilfully’ retained classified documents but ‘should not be charged’, report finds
Last year
Former Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan charged with leaking classified documents
Biden questioned over classified documents found at his home and former office
Donald Trump pleads not guilty to new charges in secret documents case
Donald Trump’s property manager to make first court appearance over classified documents
Donald Trump faces fresh charges in classified documents case as legal woes grow
Donald Trump becomes target of probe over classified documents
No classified documents found in search of Biden's beach home in Delaware, lawyer says
US president Joe Biden ‘surprised’ government records found at old office
All time
US Justice Department asks appeals court to lift judge’s barring order on Mar-a-Lago documents
Tony Blair's 1997 Famine message was ghost-written by aides as he couldn't be contacted
Chelsea Manning says 'justice has been served' in first interview since being released
Former Wikileaks spokesman claims he deleted thousands of files
WikiLeaks suspect forced to sleep naked