# Child Protection

Last month
February 2024
Tusla struggling to recruit social workers amid large increase in child welfare referrals, CEO says
Last year
EU opens probes into YouTube and TikTok over child protection measures on platforms
District Court judge calls for mandatory free legal aid for domestic violence cases
Children who alleged inappropriate contact and assault left months on waiting list, Hiqa says
Judge expresses 'utmost concern' for children in unsuitable care due to a lack of places
Tusla didn't contact man over child abuse claim for 8 years as 'no worker was available'
All time
New helpline for Mother and Baby Home survivors concerned about risk still posed by abuser
Number of child safety failings in Direct Provision centres, ombudsman report finds
What is being done to stop another George Gibney in Irish sport?
Children's Ombudsman says State must ensure vulnerable children are not be 'left behind' due to Covid
Tusla expressed concern children could be at risk of 'immediate harm' due to restrictions on its services
'An awful lot of neglect': Fears for safety of children as Tusla points to drop-off in child protection referrals
'You're not screening for them': Concern that trafficked Irish children are falling through the cracks
Tánaiste says stricter online safety rules are needed: 'The days of self-regulation are over'
Column: Top tips for parents to avoid a holiday from hell this summer
Irish government to consider similar legislation to UK 'porn block' law
Child Protection: The failure to publish the report into Mother & Baby Homes is part of a continued cover-up
Mark Zuckerberg tells TDs that Facebook is working proactively on child protection issues
Our systems are not working to prevent child sexual violence, even after it is reported
Leaving Neverland: 'A monster was hiding in plain sight and we chose to look the other way'
Opinion: Is the Catholic Church still covering up child sex abuse on the grounds that it is a 'pontifical secret'?
Scouting Ireland asks Tusla for evidence about why it questioned overnight camping trips
Parents told to ensure no overnight Scouting Ireland trips go ahead without safe number of supervisors
Opinion: Is allowing children unrestricted internet access a child protection issue?
Opinion: The death of James Bulger still haunts me
Judge told child in rural Irish town may have been trafficked
'Helicopter parents: If you let your child fall down they might just learn to get back up again'
Opinion: We need to change Irish culture to lift the lid on child abuse
Opinion: Government plans to tackle child neglect - but we've heard it all before
Arrest over distribution of 'child sex dolls' as gardaí raid 32 premises
Facebook to start placing child abduction alerts on Irish users' feeds
Sex offender information may be disclosed to 'necessary people' under proposed new law
Child abuse cases bogged down by lack of cooperation between gardaí and social workers
Childline answered 381,000 calls, texts and online messages from children last year
'Inexperienced and untrained gardaí' investigating allegations of child sex abuse
Children's rights groups angry at Dáil vote setting digital age of consent at 16 (they wanted it to be 13)
Scouting Ireland's State funding frozen over governance concerns following rape allegation
Nearly 20,000 reports of suspected child abuse were made to Tusla last year
Author of damning report on gardaí's child protection record invited to train new recruits