# Child Abuse

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"I had looked on him as part of my family" - Man convicted for sexually abusing two young boys
Australian army recruits 'forced to rape each other'
'Singing priest' convicted of sexually abusing a boy after claiming he didn't know him
UK priest accused of sex abuse arrested in Kosovo after five-year search
Man who raped his disabled son to produce child pornography jailed for 20 years
Child agency admits it's "aware" of case of alleged sexual abuse at foster home in southwest
Teenager with intellectual disabilities left in foster home despite allegations of sexual abuse
Children's Referendum opponents say their "worst fears" have been realised
A social worker's perspective: We need to rethink the way we help vulnerable children
Mother sentenced to 24 years in jail for stamping daughter to death
Kazakhstan to chemically castrate paedophiles
Montessori teacher jailed for taking pornographic pictures of a 4-year-old in his care
Police hunt for man who fled court just before being found guilty of child rape
Cardinal says it was 'disastrous coincidence' five paedophile priests preyed on children
Church 'mucked up' and dismissed paedophilia allegations, cardinal admits
Tears in court as mother is found guilty of starving and abusing her children for five years
Abused girl (3) found taped up in wardrobe and offered for sex
English man jailed for life for "barbaric" murder of his two-week old daughter
Spotlight movie shines light on Catholic Church abuses that are all too familiar
At least 231 children abused at Catholic boys' choir run by Pope Benedict's brother
Outrage at closure of only 24-hour service for sexually abused children
Three strikes and life: This is Renua's radical policy on crime
Some Ryan Report recommendations yet to be implemented due to lack of resources
Verdict for former priest who abused young boys comes with mixed feelings
Almost 700 arrests across UK in child abuse images crackdown
"Devious and calculating predatory paedophile" gets 17-year sentence for rape of boy
Beating, pinching, deliberate poisoning - 19,000 reports of child abuse made in Ireland every year
No convictions on over 50 abuse allegations against religious orders
'Quite startling': €31m of church property for redress fund yet to be transferred
US Secret Service officer accused of sexting girl he thought was 14, while on duty in the White House
Amid speculation, Pat Carey steps down as Fianna Fáil's election chief
Death sentence for men who filmed themselves beating boy (13) to death
Grandfather 'left granddaughter alone in the desert with a loaded gun and told her to shoot any bad guys'
Mother charged after being found pushing dead son on park swings
Just 8 convictions came from 325 allegations of abuse against priests and brothers
Former Dragons' Den star accused of 'sexual activity' with 13-year-old girl
Crèche workers charged with sharing baby "Fight Club" video on Snapchat
'The Freak' from TV show 'Prisoner: Cell Block H' avoids jail for child sex offences
Ted Heath accused of raping 12-year-old boy
Girl left feeling 'scared, dirty, terrified and guilty' after years of abuse and threats