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February 2024
Search continues for suspected chemical attacker with 'significant injuries' to his face
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Russia launches airstrikes on Syrian rebels after suspected chlorine attack
Defence Forces conduct exercise to help prepare for 'dirty bomb' attacks
Chemical inspectors await all-clear to begin work in Douma
Russian ambassador to Ireland: 'As far as we can see, there was no attack in Syria'
Russia says it has proof Britain was behind alleged Syria chemical attack
Macron 'has proof' Syria was behind gas attack, mulls over military action
Russia and Syria blame Israel for airstrike on Syrian military airport
Alleged Syria chemical attack unites nations in condemnation as Trump calls al-Assad an 'animal'
Syria says an Israeli air raid on a military position killed two soldiers
Police in Scotland investigate after two 12-year-olds left with 'significant injuries' in chemical attack
Sisters (aged 5 days and 3 years) treated for chemical attack symptoms
Syria’s Assad tells US television that he was not behind chemical attack
EU ministers believe Assad was responsible for Syria chemical attack
Poll: Should international military forces intervene in Syria?
UN chemical inspectors shot at in Syria
Russia hands evidence of Syria nerve gas attack to UN