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Average age of HIV diagnosis for gay and bisexual men has fallen to 32
Shane Ross is the current favourite to lead a new political party
Connacht's Carolan appointed Ireland U20s coach after Ruddock steps down
There's another vote in Scotland today... this one impacts on lady golfers
Church of England votes to allow women become bishops
Rehab have started the search for new board members
The favourite for Brian Hayes's vacant Dáil seat will NOT run in the by-election
Bad heartburn? You might have Barrett's Oesophagus
Marijuana could soon be decriminalised in Jamaica
Apple's policy update could pave the way for bitcoin payments
Beer Club: How craft beer is becoming the new wine
New French club rules aiming to increase attractiveness of play in Top 14
It could be the beginning of the end for brick-shaped lorry cabs...
Bill Gates: People don't realise how many jobs will soon be lost to computers
Is this the end of one and two cent coins?
Fine Gael chair: This government needs to implement dynamic political reform
Spot the difference: Facebook rolls out updated news feed
Can 'Supermums' make kids wash their hands more - and help save lives?
Penney takes leave of Munster after getting over most difficult hurdle
Convention favours Ceann Comhairle secret ballot and change to whip system
New TD group would be as different from Reform Alliance 'as night and day'
Middle East and African politicians to learn from Constitutional Convention
Poll: Are you having a 'dry January'?
Open thread: What are your new year's resolutions for 2014?
Northern Ireland's justice minister calls for consultation on changing abortion laws
CPI: Price of alcohol, tobacco and education up, cost of clothes down
Nope, we're not calling that an Indian Summer --- Met Éireann
New cycling boss wants Lance Armstrong to help with 'truth and reconciliation' process
10 ways the bank guarantee changed our lives
Unpleasant graffiti changed to useful message in Strabane
Son of abuser Jerry Sandusky seeks to have name changed
Ulster Bank introduces new overdraft fees
Lee Chin to start for Wexford hurlers against Dublin
Column: Judges and ministers public spat will achieve nothing, but reform is needed
Column: Pope Benedict saw sense by retiring early, John Paul II should have too
Gilmore: Change in promissory note terms is "very, very significant"
Team news: Just one change for Connacht ahead of Biarritz return
Donegal's McGuinness set to take up part-time Celtic role - reports
England boss Hodgson plans change of approach
Analysis: Is this the start of change we can believe in?