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Last year
Census 2022: Over half a million adults living with parents
Number of pensioners renting from private landlords has doubled since 2011
Fianna Fáil's Lisa Chambers 'considering' a run in the European elections next year
State's system of earmarking land for new housing is 'fundamentally flawed', TDs to be told
Census 2022: New stats show how much average rents have risen in the private sector since 2016
Census 2022: Number who identify as Catholic falls by 10 percentage points to 69%
Births continue to fall while death rate rises, new CSO statistics show
All time
Government 'open' to including non-binary option in the next census form
Census 2022: Initial results show population of Ireland at highest figure since 1841
First early results from Census 2022 to be published this month
'It's a complete farce': Homes across east Clare have yet to receive census forms
If your Census form hasn't been collected yet, you've been asked to post it back
Open thread: What will you write in the 'time capsule' section of the census?
Here's everything you need to know about the census
Poll: Will you fill out the time capsule section of the census?
The Explainer: What does the census do?
Census 2022 to take place in April after being delayed last year due to Covid-19
People will be able to self-identify as male or female in Scotland's census next year
The CSO has alerted the gardaí after extracts from the 1926 Census were published on social media
Census which was due to take place next year postponed until 2022
Mortality census of long-term residential care facilities to be carried out this weekend
CSO to spend estimated €1.2 million on smart phones and equipment as Census 2021 goes digital
'Rectifying the historic wrong': LGBT advocates wanted sexual orientation included on the next Census
Trump backs down on controversial census question after protracted legal and political battle
For the first time, you can write a message for future generations on the Census
Do you have broadband? What time do you leave work? These are some of the questions you'll be asked in the next census
How many people in Ireland are aged over 100? The CSO published a load of stats about society
Poll: Would you like to be able to speak more Irish?
Here's what the wellbeing of Ireland looks like right now
The most common jobs in Ireland are in sales, retail and farming
Just 6.3% of Gaeilgeoirí speak Irish on a weekly basis
Number of dual Irish citizens living here up by almost 90% over five years
There's been a 31% increase in work commutes that are over an hour long
Census 2016: Nearly one in five homeless adults have a job
The CSO has published an interactive map of where you will find the most single people
This is the oldest town in Ireland (in terms of average age)
Eight people could be brought to court over a refusal to fill in their census form
There are 79 unemployment blackspots in Ireland, with Limerick worst affected
Census 2016: Donegal people are loyal to their home and there are plenty of blow-ins in Meath
This chart shows the massive drop in housing supply compared to the Celtic Tiger years