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How an electrical fire in Balbriggan became a weapon used by the far-right to ignite racial tensions in the town
How many people in Ireland are aged over 100? The CSO published a load of stats about society
The most common jobs in Ireland are in sales, retail and farming
'I can go to Lidl and meet people who speak Irish': Why are there so many Gaeilgeoirí in Leixlip?
Just 6.3% of Gaeilgeoirí speak Irish on a weekly basis
Ireland has only recovered by 41% from the recession
Small towns 'hit hardest' in the past 10 years, Dublin least affected
'It can be quite lonely and isolating for them': There are 3,800 carers under the age of 15 in Ireland
Dublin City has the highest percentage of unhealthy people in Ireland
At 88.6%, Offaly has the highest percentage of Catholics in Ireland
Number of dual Irish citizens living here up by almost 90% over five years
There's been a 31% increase in work commutes that are over an hour long
Census 2016: Nearly one in five homeless adults have a job
The CSO has published an interactive map of where you will find the most single people
Census 2016: Donegal people are loyal to their home and there are plenty of blow-ins in Meath
This graph shows how housing supply has flatlined this decade - compared to population growth
Fewer people are downsizing homes as 'adult children are taking longer to fly the nest'
More males are born in Ireland, but women are living longer
One in 10 Irish people say they have no religion, the second largest group behind Roman Catholics
There are now 4,757,976 people in Ireland
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