# Cash

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Cash-in-transit vans will no longer be protected by an armed escort
Irish Water to pay back the State over €14m
Some councils are taking developer’s money instead of building social housing
Men wielding swords demand cash at filling station
Teenager in court after woman threatened in home by men with knives
Dublin City Council trying to cut off phone numbers on 'cash for cars' ads
Juvenile among three arrested after jewellery and cash seized
Permanent TSB, along with 25 other eurozone banks expected to fail stress test
€80 million ... That's how much could be raised by hiring 100 extra tax staff
IRFU admit private money is 'helpful' but deny seeking out investors
Where does all your tax money go?
Historic €355 million Top 14 TV deal suspended by Parisian court
Is that the new €10 note in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
Spot the difference? Here's what the new €10 note looks like
The Ice Bucket Challenge has 'touched the lives of people with MND and made them smile'
Ice bucket challenge passes $100 million in donations in the US alone
'Drop in donations means we can't grant as many kids' wishes'
Check your wallet. There was one winner of the €4m lotto jackpot
O'Sullivan's Biarritz with biggest Pro D2 budget, while Toulouse lead Top 14
Coveney wants more 'communication' between farmers and beef factories
Safe deposit box rental up as aggravated burglary numbers soar
Why aren't all musicians getting paid for playing at Irish festivals this summer?
Four arrested, cash & jewellery seized in large-scale Dublin crime crackdown
Two men charged over filling station robbery
Poor man returns thousands of dollars that fell out of security van
Investment company creates 50 new jobs in Dublin
Do kids need to know how to manage cash?
How much are Alan Shatter's pension and severance payments worth?
Off duty garda foils armed cash-in-transit robbery
Bags of €16,000 in punts found behind statue in Cork church
Two men charged following cash-in-transit robbery
Elderly man caught with €200,000 cash taped to his genitals
Family of five terrorised at gunpoint during armed robbery in Limerick
Aer Lingus paid its chief executive €1.5m in 2013
Less than half of political parties accounting units have made their donation returns
Gardaí seize large amount of cash in two raids on houses in north Dublin
Further €36,000 discovered during investigation into money laundering
Take off-peak buses in Dublin? You could be in line for a fare decrease...
Woman released without charge after large amount of cash seized at Cork house
Man charged with 59 counts of theft in ATM fraud investigation