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Lego ditches plan to make bricks out of recycled bottles as it 'wouldn't reduce emissions'
Amazon secure planning permission for three data centres in Dublin despite emission concerns
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Debunk: Turf is not an ‘agricultural crop’; burning it is polluting and unhealthy
Germany's €9 train tickets prevented nearly 2 million tonnes of carbon emissions, survey finds
Citizens’ assembly on agriculture the wrong model, says farming group
'It ain't just agriculture': Minister says other sectors must 'step up' to meet carbon emission targets
Trains, planes and automobiles: Irish ministerial transport emitted 400 tonnes of carbon last year
An analysis by The Journal has found that ministers emitted 406 tonnes of CO2 equivalent between them last year.
The final figure is an under-reporting of the true number because multiple departments did not release full data.
Details released also show that eight ministers used public transport at least once in 2021.
High Court orders peat company to halt unauthorised extraction in Midlands
New peat legislation slammed as ‘incompatible’ with climate targets and EU law
Analysis: The argument that Ireland is too small to take climate action doesn’t hold up
Carbon neutral by 2050: President Higgins signs Climate Action Bill into law
State spent 2.5 times more on fossil fuel subsidies than climate supports over past decade
Transparency gap: State bodies holding back company emissions data from the public
Drop of 6.4% in industrial emissions last year - but not for dairy and pharma
Covid-19 drives biggest drop in Ireland's greenhouse gas emissions since global financial crisis
Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions decreased by 4.5% in 2019 - the largest reduction since 2011
Richest 1% of world's population 'responsible for more than double the carbon pollution of poorest half'
Green TD who helped negotiate programme for government says she can't fully endorse it
Green Party outline 17 demands for entering a coalition with Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael
FactCheck: Is Ireland responsible for just 0.000012% of the world's carbon emissions?
Prince Charles criticised for taking private helicopter to make speech on lowering aircraft emissions
Government departments now 'carbon taxed' on air travel
Thousands of kilos of potent greenhouse gas leaked from an ESB station. The EPA wasn't told
Ireland set to miss greenhouse emissions targets unless action taken, EPA warns
Ryanair claims to be 'greenest' airline following appearance on list of worst carbon polluters in Europe
Tesco drew down €3m from government fund to 'go green' with its lighting systems
Take a look inside Taiwan's environmentally-friendly twisting tower
Why Ireland won't be turning to nuclear energy anytime soon
ESB wants its government owners to axe wind and solar power support
Obama wants to cut carbon emissions from power plants by 30% - not everyone agrees
Column: Here's where we can make cuts – and savings! – that won’t hurt services, jobs or salaries
"There is no plan B": EU targets major carbon emitters to reduce emissions
Draft edition of new climate law to be published next week
Budget 2013: Motor tax costs rise by up to 25 per cent
Doha talks hope to agree follow-up to Kyoto emissions deal
China offers terms for legally binding climate deal
Hogan hits back at claims government doesn't care about climate change
IEA estimates make 2010 carbon emissions 'the highest in history'
Men worse for the planet's environment than women