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Caption Competition: What is Luke Ming Flanagan up to?
Caption competition: What is Uncle Gaybo listening to?
Caption Competition: What are Enda and Eamon talking about?
Caption competition: Tubridy gets Jedward
Caption Competition: Who is Enda talking to and what about?
Caption time: what's George Hamilton saying to his new friend in Basle?
Caption Competition: Give us a hand Eamonn...
Caption Competition: What's Nicolas Sarkozy doing to our Enda?
Caption competition: What's Enda thinking about?
Caption competition: 'Merkozy' at dusk
Caption comp: You can ring my bell...
Caption comp: Does this make you feel positive about ageing?
Caption competition: When Eamon blessed Enda
Caption competition: What's so small, Madame Lagarde?
Caption competition: Give Enda Kenny a hand