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Planning application denied for apartments on former Bessborough Mother and Baby Home site
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Recruitment launched for Director who will oversee excavation of Tuam mother and baby home site
Burials Bill: New law will allow for Tuam mother and baby home and other sites to be excavated
The legislation will allow the excavation, recovery and analysis of remains at the site of the former mother and baby institutions
The restriction on the jurisdiction of the coroner has been removed entirely from the Bill
Catherine Corless said today is "a good day", Órla Ryan reports
Bessborough survivor says more women 'will die not knowing if their child is rotting in a septic tank'
'Is she dead or alive?': Call for inquests into deaths at mother and baby homes
'There can be no more messing about': Push for law to allow exhumations at mother and baby homes
Legislation being debated today would allow excavations, exhumations and re-interment of remains at the sites of former mother and baby homes
Catherine Corless says as many sites as possible must be included
"The babies should have been taken out of there in 2017 when they were found," she says of Tuam
Babies from Cork County Home were buried in coffins with adults or amputated limbs
Commission finds remains of at least 42 infants in burial plot of former mother and baby home
5-year investigation finds at least 9,000 children died in Ireland's mother and baby homes
Document details the experiences of women and children who lived in 14 mother and baby homes and four county homes.
Commission recommends redress, services such as counselling and enhanced medical cards.
Taoiseach to give State apology over mother and baby homes in the Dáil tomorrow.
'Accept responsibility and we might accept your apology': Survivors brace themselves for mother and baby home report
Varadkar supports investigation into 'disrespectful' leak of mother and baby home information
How a 'surprising' lack of burial records impacted the work of the mother and baby home commission
This is what a Dubliner looked like in the 16th century
Mass graves, bodysnatchers and crematoriums: Ireland's history with death
Glasnevin Trust is helping with the burial of Ebola victims in Sierre Leone
There needs to be more competition between graveyards, apparently
Photos: Cave excavation shows flowers used in burials over 13,000 years ago