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National Security: 1,000 new gardaí, and defence funding to include money for primary air radar
Ireland increases overseas aid budget to €1.2 billion with €30m for famine hit Horn of Africa
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School books free at primary level next September but exclusion of secondary criticised as 'baffling'
Cost of cigarettes to increase but price of a pint remains the same
VAT is scrapped on newspapers, defibrilators and HRT but will increase for hospitality
Businesses to receive up to €10,000 per month under winter energy support scheme
Childcare: Reduction of up to 25% announced in costs under National Childcare Scheme
Here's what Budget 2023 means for your payslip if you're earning €40,000
Private sector workers can now receive up to €1,000 in tax-free bonuses
Cariban: Drug to help women who suffer severe pregnancy sickness to be given free of charge
10% levy on concrete blocks to help fund mica and pyrite redress schemes
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New tax credit worth €500 to be introduced for renters
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Income tax standard rate cut off point raised to €40,000
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Budget 2023 being finalised - here's what we know and what's still being worked out
Rent credit for individual renters amounting to about €400 or €500.
Double social welfare payments soon after the budget
€1k tax-free bonus to be permitted from employers, increased from €500 per year.
Free school books for primary school students in Budget education package
Analysis: Minister Donohoe, this is what you should and shouldn't do tomorrow
Social Protection Minister appears to rule out €20 increase in social welfare payments
As inflation continues, Govt says no to price caps and yes to spending more on Ukraine military
Public finance surplus of over €4.4 billion projected for this year
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VAT on newspapers likely to be abolished, Taoiseach indicates
Public transport fare reductions being examined 'in a positive light' for the Budget