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US cancer patient developed 'uncontrollable' Irish accent despite having never visited Ireland
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World Health Organization advises against use of two drugs for non-severe Covid-19
UK medical journals tell British government relaxing restrictions for Christmas could 'cost many lives'
Women who are pregnant or trying for a baby should avoid caffeine altogether, research suggests
There's a higher risk of having a heart attack on Christmas Eve - study
Holding your nose and closing your mouth while you sneeze is a very bad idea
Effect of new medicine in animal studies was "misrepresented" to get funding for human trials
Man developed chronic hepatitis after drinking 4-5 energy drinks a day for 3 weeks
Pressure mounts on rugby chiefs as academics call for school scrums to be banned
World Rugby slams calls for tackling ban in schools
Patients should be advised 'to stop treatment when they feel better' instead of full antibiotics course
Abortion: 95% of Irish women who used pills to end pregnancy 'didn't need surgical intervention'
Belief that saturated fat clogs arteries is 'just plain wrong'
Woman in UK hospitalised after taking herbal remedies for New Year detox
Medical journal retracts major study into benefits of baby formula
Cocaine cut with cattle de-wormer made this woman's skin rot
Heart attacks are hard to diagnose in women, but this test could change that
Doctor criticised after saying cancer is 'the best way to die'
A glass or two of alcohol a day is good for you? Think again, say scientists
Think e-cigarettes are harmful? 37% of Irish people believe they are
Eating too much red meat could increase your risk of breast cancer
Barca success caused a baby boom: study
Research links 5,000 additional suicides in 2009 to global economic crisis
One teen under age of 17 dies by suicide each month
794 people die each year in Europe from sunbed-induced skin cancer - research
Sleeping tablets 'increase risk of cancer and death'
Elderly patients forced to ‘wait on floor’ at Galway hospital
Alcohol linked to cancer, new study shows