# Borrowing

Last year
Almost a third of consumers are planning to borrow to fund Christmas this year
All time
One in four people intend to use some form of borrowing to fund Christmas spending
House buyers warned not to be taken in by 'glitzy' offers
Irish people repaid €335m more than we borrowed last month
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Credit unions critical of Central Bank's "anti-competitive" lending rules
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Permanent TSB looks to raise €500 million for mortgage lending
AIB and Irish Mortgage Holders Organisation to establish third-party advice body
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Irish banks becoming less reliant on ECB
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S&P downgrades Spain two notches
Is the ECB about to uncork a game-changer?
45 per cent of parents have made no provision for their children’s education
Ex-Barclays chief Bob Diamond criticised over 'highly selective' evidence
Consumer spending "down for fourth consecutive year"
Bank of Ireland reports half-year loss of €1.25 billion
Spanish borrowing costs hit record high
Passing ECB cut on to customers a 'commercial decision for each bank' - Dept of Finance
Spanish borrowing costs hit record level
Household loans and mortgage lending down in April
Euro falls amid concerns over Spanish debt and falling economic sentiment
Column: It’s the end of our economy – and now we need an alternative
Italian borrowing rates briefly hit new record but markets are up
Berlusconi facing crucial vote as fears grow over Italy
Borrowing costs spike for Italy and Spain
Household borrowing down