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Mistakes were made on all sides in handling of Brexit, Varadkar says
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Poland puts military on heightened readiness over reports Russian missiles land on its territory
EU says criminals have been trying to smuggle drugs and weapons into single market via the North
Coveney urges UK to reconsider Northern Ireland border pass proposal
'Fortress Australia' re-opens after two-year Covid closure
Australia will reopen borders to tourists on February 21
US 'not sending forces to start a war' as officials say Russia preparing for Ukraine invasion
Belarus leader criticises EU for refusing to negotiate on migrant standoff
Belarus: EU and US vow new sanctions, Lukashenko talks to Angela Merkel
Leo Varadkar: Ireland has 'contingency preparations' ready in case of EU-UK trade war
Donnelly rejects NI counterpart's call to stop cross-border travel
Crime gangs are exploiting the Irish-UK common travel area to bypass Brexit border checks
Organised crime groups have been exploiting a 100-year-old agreement between Ireland and England to bypass Brexit imposed border checks.
Post-Brexit checks to resume at Northern Ireland’s ports
Boris Johnson to consider invoking Article 16 to stop 'barrier down Irish Sea'
Biden wants to undo 'national shame' of child separations at US-Mexico border
'I wouldn't say roadblocks': Leo Varadkar says there'll be a garda presence at the border
Mexico and US to address 'root causes of migration'
Taoiseach promises to scope out viability of high-speed cross border rail links
Cross-border co-operation on Covid-19 raises hopes for all-island healthcare system amid Brexit fears
New restrictions loom in North as nearly 2,000 new cases confirmed on island of Ireland yesterday
Farmers warned over outbreak of deadly African Swine Fever in Germany
NPHET to attend North-South council meeting, as Taoiseach set to discuss travel restrictions
Northern Ireland should protect against the spread of Covid-19 from Britain, says O’Neill
'The UK’s new start': £705m to be spent on British-EU borders - Northern Ireland plans yet to be published
McEntee says NI protocol is 'vague and lacking in detail on customs' as deadline looms
Garda and PSNI chiefs approve review into Covid-19 policing
TDs say treatment of people at Greek border 'brings shame to the EU'
UK and EU agree Brexit deal after intense negotiations
British family detained for almost two weeks after 'accidentally crossing border into US'
Deal or no deal: Donald Tusk says there are 'certain doubts' on the British side
Varadkar says Johnson told him he's confident of getting MPs to back Brexit deal
Explainer: As Turkey attacks and Trump watches on, who are the Kurds and why are they in the middle?
Coveney says he doesn't want a quarrel with the DUP, but says the minority can't have a veto
'Brexit Godfather' Johnson accused of deliberately putting forward a Brexit deal the EU will reject
Boris Johnson promises ‘good solution’ to Irish border in formal Brexit plan
Chair of Brexit Party says Varadkar 'hijacked' the backstop issue, and that Irish border trade is 'irrelevant'
Will no-deal Brexit mean border checks in Ireland? Juncker's answer is simple: Yes
'Time to level with people': Coveney says customs checks after no-deal will be temporary and away from the border
Allowing customs checks on the island of Ireland amounts to 'political vandalism', says McDonald
Explosion near border was deliberate attempt to kill police officers, PSNI says