# Bond Auction

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NTMA meets Irish 'debt repayment milestone'
Ireland sells €500m of Treasury Bills at auction
Ireland buys back €500 million of its own bonds
Ireland sells first 10-year government bonds since before bailout
Ireland raises another €2.5bn at the bond markets
AIB raises €500 million in auction of three-year bond
Bank of Ireland becomes first bank to borrow without State support
Teeth, taxes and Junior Certs: the week in numbers
Bond auction sees Ireland’s cost of borrowing fall dramatically
NTMA to raise another €500m on bond markets this week
Bond auction: Your Roadster has arrived
Medals, marathons and urine tests: London 2012 in numbers
Back to the markets: Ireland to offer €500 million of three-month bills
Downgraded: Spain's credit rating slashed by Fitch with negative outlook
Spain set for second debt auction of the week
Borrowing costs for eurozone bailout fund fall after Greek deal
Interest rates plunge as Italy raises €6 billion in new auction
EU bailout fund overcomes downgrade with successful bond auction
Spain raises nearly €5bn in successful short-term bond auction
The bond markets are now paying Germany to borrow money
Belgium, Spain and bailout fund perform better in bond auctions
Italy pays nearly 8 per cent for three-year bonds
Belgium follows Italy, Germany in seeing borrowing costs surge
Merkel and Sarkozy to meet new Italian PM for reform talks
"Disaster" German bond auction sends European markets down
Iceland’s finance minister: 'Ireland shouldn’t copy our formula for default'
NTMA sells off another €400m of government debt
Yields on short-term bills head downward after Anglo announcement
Moody's downgrade hits as NTMA forced into higher interest