# be honest

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Poll: Is it okay to chat through a gig?
Poll: Is it St Patrick's Day or Paddy's Day to you?
Poll: Have you eaten a bit of Easter Egg already this year?
Poll: Do you know what your blood type is?
Poll: Have you checked in with an elderly neighbour in this cold snap?
Poll: How do you pronounce the 'creme' in Creme Egg?
Poll: Do you regularly eat in fast food restaurants?
Poll: Do film awards influence your choice of movie?
Poll: Do you eat dinner in front of the TV?
Poll: Do you make an effort to avoid using plastic straws?
Poll: Should you ask someone's parents for permission to marry their son or daughter?
Poll: Do you leave appliances running when you are not at home?
Poll: Will you go to a big summer gig?
Poll: Do you use milk or water to make porridge?
Poll: Has the arrival of February made a difference to your mood?
Poll: Have you ever rushed to a pool early to bag a sun lounger?
Poll: Would you go to see Elton John at his final Irish gig?
Poll: Do you stay social media-free for the last 30 minutes before you go to bed?
Poll: Do you read the horoscope for your star sign regularly?
Poll: Do you take weather warnings more seriously when storms have names?
Be honest, do you steal pint glasses from pubs?
Poll: Do you manage to sleep through most nights?
Poll: Do you know what the term 'road frontage' means?
Poll: How are you feeling on this 'Blue Monday'?
Poll: What's your favourite Liam Neeson film character?
Poll: Do you exercise three or more times a week?
Poll: Where is your Christmas tree right now?
Poll: Have you broken a New Year's resolution yet?
Poll: Are you going to buy a copy of the Michael Wolff book about Trump?
Poll: Are you planning a 'buy nothing' break this January?
Poll: Do you do that Irish thing of waving people goodbye until they're out of sight?
Poll: Is today the day you take down your Christmas decorations?
Poll: Are you going to regift or return any of your Christmas presents?
Poll: Do you ever put on more clothes instead of turning on the heating?
Poll: Do you buy vinyl records?
Poll: Do you consider yourself a fussy eater?
Poll: When is the right time to open the presents?
Poll: Have you taken part in the 12 pubs of Christmas?
Poll: Do you wrap Christmas gifts?
Poll: Do you try to use your phone less in front of children?