# Baghdad

This week
25th February 2024 - 2nd March 2024
Irish anti-corruption activist and father-of-three detained in Iraq, family call for release
Last month
February 2024
US drone strike kills three members of the Kataib Hezbollah militia in Iraq
Last year
Protesters try to storm Baghdad’s Green Zone over burning of Koran in Denmark
Iraqis protest in capital against gender based violence following murder of YouTuber
All time
Iraqi firms violating international trademarks to face crackdown
23 protestors shot dead in Baghdad Green Zone clashes as shelling continued overnight
Nine schoolteachers among 11 dead in Iraq minibus crash
Tensions rise after Iraqi PM survives assassination attempt
At least 30 killed in bomb attack at Baghdad market
Fire at Baghdad Covid hospital kills 82, leaves 110 wounded
Explainer: Why Qasem Soleimani's death is a turning point between the US and Iran
Iran warns of 'severe revenge' after top general killed in US airstrike
Protesters storm US embassy in Baghdad chanting 'Death to America'
Dozens of people killed during anti-government protests in Iraq
Week of protests in Iraq leave 30 people dead
At least 26 killed in Baghdad twin suicide blast
Iraqi forces seize ground from Kurds amid soaring tensions between two US allies
IS claims responsibility as two separate bombings kill at least 122 in Pakistan and Iraq
Suicide car bomb kills at least 32 in busy Baghdad neighbourhood
At least 12 newborn babies killed in fire at maternity hospital in Iraq
Baghdad death toll now at 250, making it the worst bombing since the invasion
At least 119 people killed as bomb attacks rock Baghdad
Chaos reigns in Iraq as rioters break into Baghdad's Green Zone
At least 30 dead after suicide bomber hits football match
Group of American civilians kidnapped in Iraq
40 years of tragedy: The hajj has been plagued by disaster
Isis has perfected the suicide and car bombs so they're now 'works of art'
US bombs Islamic State near Baghdad for first time
Countries to support Iraq by "any means necessary" against Islamic State
US considers rescue mission for trapped Yazidi refugees in Iraq
23 people have been killed by a Baghdad suicide car bomb
Mass grave of 53 men, tied up and executed, found in Iraq
The US has begun flying armed drones over Iraq
John Kerry makes unannounced trip to Iraq's Kurdish region as country teeters on the brink
US support for Iraq will be "intense, sustained"... but only if leaders work towards lasting peace
Iraqi troops show strength, but ISIS captures key crossing
Obama ready to send 300 military advisers to Iraq
US may send 100 special forces to Baghdad: official
GOAL sends emergency team to Iraq as crisis worsens, ISIS close in on Baghdad
Iran offers help against militants in Iraq... but only if the US makes the first move